The Covid-19 vaccine: the post-modern god

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The Covid-19 “vaccine” was turned into the post-modern god. It is the cure for the pandemic, they claim. Our local media has become the oracle of positivity reporting that cases have become very low and, apparently, there have been no deaths [1]. Yet, they did not tell the public that “Vaccine will ‘dramatically reduce’ risk, but it’s still possible to get Covid-19.”[2]  This article[3] states that “People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can still test positive for the virus. It’s what health officials call vaccine breakthrough cases.” So, if those who took the vaccine can still test positive for the virus, then the pandemic will never end, will it? How come the positive cases are currently low, when we are being told that the vaccinated can still get Covid-19?

Dr. William Hathaway, Chief Medical Officer for Mission Hospital, confirmed that “None of the vaccines are 100 percent effective.” So why administering them? Why are whole nations being pushed to take the Covid-19 vaccine? New numbers from the CDC website show 1,949 breakthrough cases of COVID involving hospitalization or death have been confirmed among the vaccinated population. Of that number – 18% of the cases were fatal. And, this is only what is being reported! Hospitalization and death? “Was Mater Dei forced to open up an extra ITU due to influx of new patients suffering from post-vaccine fatal complications?”[4] Why aren’t local authorities and local media reporting of any post-vaccine fatal complications? Why are they giving the impression that “vaccines work”?

In a Facebook page called “Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects”[5], people worldwide are posting any side-effects they or their loved ones are suffering from, after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine. Few of the posts are:

 “On April 13 I received my first Moderna Vaccine.  From the second I walked out the clinic I tasted blood in my mouth. Anyone else? My teeth have started to shift.  Then the fun began.  It set me into a migraine that put me down for 6 days.  My doc told me it happens.  On the 7th day I experienced my first seizure. Ever since that day it has gone downhill.  I see black spots, I have memory loss. I no longer drive. I had to stop working now it’s not a trimmer in my arm.  It’s convulsions that violently bend me in half.  My speech is going. I went to the hospital in so much pain in mother’s day telling them when it all started and all they did was a drug screening.  Where they only found THC in my system and nothing else. Then I was released with no help.  Why can’t we be heard? I know I’m not alone. I miss the old me…”

In the meantime, an article has reported that “Tinnitus reports grow amid Covid-19 vaccinations” [6]; another article reported that there were 18 cases of heart inflammation after Covid-19 vaccination reported in Connecticut [7]; another study linked covid-19 vaccine to prion brain degeneration similar to mad cow disease,[8] and another article states that herpes infection is possibly linked to Covid-19 vaccine [9].

When will our local media and authorities start speaking about Covid-19 side-effects experienced here? When will the people make the connection?










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