If David Borda is convinced that I am evading tax, he can always report me to the economic crime unit for tax evasion

Daniel Cordina and David Borda went on Facebook to repeat their claims that I am receiving money for my website. This time round, the article in question was not about Yorgen Fenech but about the Utility Bills for which the PN has introduced a scheme. Saturday saw a few hundred senior citizens flock to the PN Headquarters. The article in question was not mine. It was written by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. I respected that decision. Yet, Daniel Cordina still believes I am being paid for publishing such political articles and asked me how much am I being paid. I have already stated and will repeat ad nauseam that I am not being paid for any of these articles.

If Daniel Cordina wants proof, I will give it to him. I neither own boats or cabin cruisers. Despite the fact that I am a university lecture, I cannot afford one. However, a former driver of a PN minister PN can afford to own a cabin cruiser. Good luck to him. The most important thing is that Daniel Cordina, who lies through his teeth about others, visits the Nadur Basilica to receive Holy Communion. What hypocrisy. I thank the Lord that I have outgrown such temptation.

Next, we have Daniel Cordina being joined by his friend David Borda, son of a former Nationalist MP. David Borda asks whether for tax purposes I am declaring the money that I receive for my blogs. If Borda too believes that am I being paid, I once again reiterate that I am not. Till now, I have not even received a cent for the adverts that are appearing on my blogs!  Nevertheless, the manner in which David Borda popped his question made it seem that I am committing a crime. Thus, if he is so convinced that I am receiving money and that I am not declaring it, he can always report me to the Economic Crime Unit within the Police Department so that I am investigating. Those alleging that I am receiving money have never lodged one single report to the police about my alleged criminal activity because they know that they are just spreading lies about me

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