Manuel Delia’s new Revelation

The person whose name was banned being published by Magistrate Rachel Montebello seems to have now been revealed by Manuel Delia in an attempt to distance freemasons of any involvement in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

In fact, Manuel Delia has written a blog in reply to the post sent by an anonymous reader where she asks him, Repubblika and Civil Society, whether they are going to organize protests so that the court reveal the identity of the person whose name is being protected from being rendered public by Court decree.

According to Manuel Delia, the person who was mentioned in the recordings and on whom Magistrate Montebello put a ban is, according to Manuel Delia, a lawyer. Unlike Manuel Delia, I have no access to Court records and therefore I cannot confirm or deny Delia’s claim.

Manuel Delia carries on at length to explain that information regarding this particular lawyer was passed on to Melvin Theuma by Johann Cremona; qualifying the latter as Yorgen Fenech’s business partner. But then, he fails to tell his readers that Johann Cremona is being defended by Chris Busietta who belongs to the same legal firm as Jason Azzopardi; Jason Azzopardi is the lawyer representing the Caruana Galizia family.

Manuel Delia then goes on to mention the libel case that Arthur Azzopardi has filed against me. I challenge Manuel Delia to explain where in the blog in question, for which I am being sued for libel, have I mentioned or stated this fact, – as claimed by Manuel Delia – that Arthur Azzopardi is the murderer? This is indeed Manuel Delia expertise in twisting and manipulating the words and writings of his opponents. I, however, will leave it to the courts to decide whether my blog was libellous or not.

What leaves me speechless in this whole affair, is Manuel Delia’s interest to defend Arthur Azzopardi. I wish to remind readers that there have been many articles in the media about Arthur Azzopardi. The articles not only concerned his connection with freemasonry but also that he was being investigated by the police for smuggling fuel.

This blog by Manuel Delia, written in defence of Arthur Azzopardi, raises more questions than answers any.

Delia’s article aims solely at discredit those recordings – which are many – where this anonymous individual or omissis is mentioned. It is aimed at eliminating any mention, true or presumed, that freemasons may have had a connection with this murder. Seems like a pointless exercise to me. The recordings are there and that is fact.

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