Will Insurances cover side effects caused by the Covid19 vaccine? The answer appears to be no.

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Rai 3 reaffirms that all responsibility for any harm that the vaccines cause lies squarely on the respective states using them! Does this mean that any individual who suffers post-vaccine injuries, is to sue the state? And if any correlation is found between the vaccine and the injury, doesn’t this mean that the respective government must repay huge amounts of money from the taxes of the people? Won’t this create a greater economical catastrophe on the country?

In the article of Rai 3, there is also references to how much these vaccines are costing to the European states.[1] Again, with all these huge amounts being paid, and the lockdowns and all the damage that governments have inflicted on their countries with the types of decision they took with the excuse “to curb the pandemic”, can we say that we are heading for a worldwide catastrophe? Is all this expenditure, together with the restrictive measures taken, part of a strategy to raise debt so high that the NWO will offer debt forgiveness in return for global governance?

To add up on this, any injury caused by the vaccine? is not even covered by the insurance Bupa UK. I have received a letter which a UK resident has received from BUPA ok. The letter states:

“I confirm that side effects arising from the Covid-19 vaccine ARE NOT COVERED under our exclusion for:  Complications from excluded or restricted conditions/treatment and experimental treatment exclusion.

If you are injured whilst doing Covid-19 swab yourself, cover would be available towards the injury.”

Does this mean that no insurance is covering any side-effects which are arising from the Covid-19 vaccine? Why aren’t insurances covering these vaccines then, if, as authorities claim, are safe? Doesn’t this show that they aren’t considered as a safe product? Doesn’t this show that the Covid-19 vaccines, are not vaccines at all, but are alternating gene therapy? 

Has Bupa UK decided this, after seeing the leaflet which UK residents get when taking the jab which reads: “As explained in the NHS leaflet, it is NOT YET KNOWN WHETHER YOUR VACCINATION can stop you from contracting Covid-19 yourself or transmitting the illness to those you come in contact with. IN ADDITION, THERE IS SOME EVIDENCE IN THE TRIAL DATA THAT YOUR VACCINATION MAY POTENTIALLY MAKE YOU MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO OTHER INFECTIONS IN THE SHORT TERM, DUE TO A SUPPRESSION OF SOME OF YOUR IMMUNE CELLS”.

What are these infections that the covid-19 jabs may produce in the inoculated? Is this leaflet a subtle way to tell the inoculated that they are becoming susceptible to infections or immunocompromised, meaning that their immune system is not as strong and as balanced as before, and has become defective or ineffective? Will the inoculated body be able to stop invasion and colonisation by foreign intruders?

What about local insurances? Are they covering any Covid-19 “vaccine” side-effects?

[1] https://www.rai.it/programmi/report/news/2021/04/Esclusiva-Report-ecco-i-contratti-segreti-di-Pfizer-e-Modena-per-i-vaccini-anti-Covid-b4edb1a2-3e84-48a4-b1eb-d02a1f7e2b4b.html?wt_mc=2.www.wzp.rai_articolo_report_esclusiva-report-ecco-i-contratti-segreti-di-pfizer-e-moderna-per-i-vaccini-anti-covid&fbclid=IwAR3gxCrJzmSTwH9Hvjk161cVkaR_9BKCjI5T2C4wAOMms-qhlSoBIdiY6Fs

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