The Indian variant is no longer a threat now that Malta reaches herd immunity

Blog post by Marica Micallef

People must understand how the mainstream media works. As a clear example, let us take our local one. It first started by publishing articles about the Covid-19 situation in India.  First seed of a dose of fearmongering. Then it published an article about the Maltese citizen, God bless his soul, who passed away in India. Second seed of a larger dose of fearmongering. Then it published an article about the fact that this person was denied the covid-19 vaccine before he travelled. The hidden message of the media here is:  if you do not take the covid-19 vaccine and you travel, you die WITH covid-19. They never state that one dies OF covid-19. The play with words is to be noticed! Third seed of triple dose of fearmongering.

BUT all this was a way of laying the base for what is to come but which the mainstream media is not telling you, yet! This is all subtle indirect tactics to pave the way for “The Indian Variant is very dangerous. We are heading for another wave.” All this equals to = another lockdown.

 And while bloggers like myself are attacked for exposing what the mainstream media refuse to tell the people, we do have people who are coming to understand the media’s mind games. 

A case in point is the comment of our famous tenor, Joseph Calleja. Tim Diacono retweeted a tweet by Joseph Calleja. The tweet of Joseph Calleja runs as follows: “Regarding variants – once we are vaccinated, are we going to lockdown each and every time there is a new variant? What about health, mental health and the dreadful economic impact that will ripple across the globe? tbc…”

Then, they realize that these lockdowns are not going to work and we have started hearing that Malta has reached herd immunity. Therefore, no more lockdowns and from 1st July, life can return to normality. The reason why we have reached herd immunity is because the vaccine has worked. Therefore, judging from the statements being made by the health authorities, the vaccine works even against the Indian variant.

Thus, after the local mainstream media warned the public about the danger of the “Indian variant”,[1] of which they state, is producing a new wave in UK, this variant is no longer a threat as Malta is heading towards herd immunity from corona virus.

But the conflicting news do not stop here. On one hand we hear news that Boris Johnson is so worried, that he has decided to turn UK into a police state and deploying soldiers on the streets of areas worst hit by the variant to hand out tests and slow the spread[2]. On the other, flights to India from Heathrow airport are still scheduled. I would have expected their cancellation to be a priority.

A comment on Facebook really hit the nail on its head. The comment, written by a British, read:

“Just had a long conversation with a friend in India. He lives just outside Delhi. I asked how they were coping now, we hear it is terrible.  He said, nope. They are nearly back to normal.  I said ‘We in the UK have a new variant from India’.  He laughed. THEY HADN’T HEARD OF IT. There, the new scare tactic is ‘black fungus’ disease.  It apparently attacks your mouth, then eyes, then brain, then lights out.”  Wonder how long before we get black fungus or will we just keep coming up with different strains of Corona”.

Can people see the tactics and the lies of the propaganda and the media? Why doesn’t it report, instead, that on 18th May 2021, the PHE official website has removed 4,776 false positive cases and that THIS INDIAN VARIANT PSYCHOSIS WAS BASED ON FLAWED DATA.  Instead of cheering on positive news, our mainstream media is hell bent on terrifying the public.

And while it does so, it takes pleasure in labelling those who do not buy its lies, as “conspiracy theorists”, when all along, these are now being proved right, because all that they have known beforehand, is now, coming true.



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