Human Health Alliance asks who is making money from the PCR testing

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If RT-PCR testing, the primary tool by which a crisis through misdiagnosis is being perpetrated is not suspicious, then we don’t know what is. Doctors and scientists around the world have denounced this kind of testing at the same time as it has been called the gold standard by local authorities. Is this conflict not worth investigating and reporting on so the Maltese people can have facts instead of fear?

Several reports about PCR testing indicate that this test should never be used to diagnose infectious disease. This has also been confirmed by a constitutional court of appeal in Portugal. In democracies built on the rule of law, it is such courts that are the ultimate adjudicators to establish the truth after hearing from and studying the evidence submitted by both sides.

It appears that many in Malta have forgotten this essential point, where remarkably the media is even failing to report the conclusions of such important judgements. Quo Vadis democracy, we must ask, when the Fourth Estate fails to investigate and report on facts in context while it, along with the Executive branch, ignores the most important judgements of the Third Estate?

Because relevant studies and judgements have been ignored by the news media, the official narrative has not changed after one solid year of data showing the RT-PCR test as unfit for purpose. And it is still being portrayed as the gold standard by our health authorities to feed hysteria about cases, cases, cases, which incidentally, do not mean anyone is ill or a danger to anyone else.

The aforementioned Portuguese judgement also makes it clear that people need to be diagnosed by doctors and not classified as ill based on an RT-PCR test. The public health sector has taken out of the hands of doctors the all-important function of diagnosing patients. Now the state considers all people ill (guilty) until proven otherwise by a test that is not fit for purpose, regardless of their actual state of health.

This new, extra-judiciary power, therefore, allows the state to decide who is subjected to house arrest, allegedly for reasons of quarantine, and who is not. The Portuguese court also stated that this is illegal and constitutes an abuse of power. How can the local media ignore these realities?

Has the local media ever investigated who is making the money from these endless RT-PCR tests which are incomprehensibly closing in on a million in Malta? Has the Maltese media ever asked why there is an obsessive promotion of this testing method that invades the blood-brain barrier through the nasal cavity? Is this necessary? Is it dangerous? Are there long-term effects? Does it have other nefarious purposes? Journalists must ask these tough questions of the health authorities.

Human Health Alliance is calling upon all Maltese journalist of good faith to investigate the facts about this new idea of regular people being assumed dirty, sick, and guilty until obtaining a favorable result from invasive RT-PCR testing. Journalists could also confirm the causes of death of the stated COVID victims, verify if there are excess deaths compared to previous years in the respective categories, and in proportion to population growth and age in Malta.

While journalists are busy investigating the above, maybe they can also tell the Maltese public what has happened to the reporting of influenza and what the scientific basis is for its miraculous (and very convenient) disappearance this year from the world. Has this happened in Malta also? It would also be nice of you to establish what the endless cry of numbers of cases actually means and why the COVID narrative shifted from deaths to cases. Will the sniffles be next? Will Maltese children be removed from their homes when they get the sniffles? Is this where Malta is heading?

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