Will Governments coerce people to get vaccinated by offering freebies?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Do you remember the advert “Have a break, have a kit kat”? Would you imagine this being turned into “Want free incentives? Get the Covid-19 jab”? This might be the motto you might see displaced all over America because in order to keep on pushing the Covid-19 “vaccines”, CNN has published that:

“Anyone in the US willing to get inoculated against Covid-19 can take advantage of a blizzard of incentives including free beer, doughnuts, baseball tickets and even a chance to win a seat at the Super Bowl. And in the only-in-America category, Illinois is offering shots for shots — handing out 100 free targets at a gun range for people who get vaccinated.”

This month Biden has announced that the inoculated will be offered freebies, in order to encourage (well, I say coerce) them to take the vaccine against Covid-19, after the US vaccination rate has declined from its peak in April. So, officials started offering new incentives known as “carrots”. This shows that worldwide, there are people who are hesitant to take this  “vaccine” and whose mindset chose not to believe a government narrative about some “deadly pandemic” over their own personal experience with reality that clearly shows there is no deadly pandemic wiping WHOLE nations out!

Some of those carrots are “access to cultural events.” Isn’t this following Israel’s footsteps? Isn’t this also another way to socially ostracize the unvaccinated, as already confirmed by our Maltese government? Isn’t this a way to subtly make people think that governments are acting so for the benefits of the nations, when truly, this is a show of a totalitarian state? Where is the freedom of choice for people? Why do they really want to push this vaccine so much?  Isn’t this a red flag of mass control by tyranny and dictatorship? Why did some already choose to walk in the governments’ footsteps and intimidation?

CNN reported that: “The National Football League has offered 50 Super Bowl tickets to fans who share their stories of why they wanted to get vaccinated. Baseball’s New York teams, the Mets and the Yankees, will offer fans a free ticket if they get an on-site Johnson & Johnson shot. And in Chicago, the city announced a monthly concert series held exclusively for fully vaccinated residents.”

New Jersey’s Rowan University has offered a $500 credit and another $500 toward housing costs to all those students who show proof that they have been fully vaccinated by 7th August.

Krispy Kreme, Budweiser and Nathan’s Hot Dogs have offered free doughnuts, beer and wieners[1] respectively to the vaccinated “while New Jersey introduced a “shot and a beer” program to give free beer to those who get vaccinated.”

Some states have even offered to pay the vaccinated.

Why do the governments and the media want people to believe that these “vaccines” are safe and will prevent infections, when it’s clear that those who use their brain to think, are not buying all this? Why are all these “carrots” being offered to take the jab, when the true “carrot” which is NOT being offered to take the jab is PEER REVIEWED CLINICAL STUDIES PROVING ITS SAFETY AND EFFICACY”.

Do people realise that they are slowly being asked to give up the right and freedom to choose not to take the vaccine?

Do people realise that they are being rewarded with “carrots” for their submission to the totalitarian state, and acceptance of the NEW ABNORMAL?

I believe that if a travel pass or “carrots” have to prove people’s freedom, then they have lost it!

[1] https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/24/business/vaccine-freebies/index.html

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