Are doctors victims of their own profession?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

When the USA media portal posted an article entitled “We should focus on protecting the vulnerable from Covid Infection – Opinion”, a comment by a member of a regulated health profession, Jeff Hedrich, caught my attention. The comment stated:

“As a member of a regulated health profession, we were told last week that we have no right to question the chief medical officer or the government’s policies related to managing Covid.  If we do, we will be fined up to $100,000 for violating public health orders. So if you are wondering why we are not exploring options such as this. There’s your answer”.

This is a huge food for thought. Clearly, something is brewing behind Covid-19. In a pandemic, health authorities would bring all the medical professionals on board to speak up and give their input so that patients are cured. Instead, we have silence, instilled by fear. 

Does what Jeff Hedrich said, apply to the rest of the medical professionals around the world? Does it apply to Malta too? Is subtle pressure being put in Malta on the medical profession to stay silent? Were Maltese doctors told not to speak up and just obey and do what they are told? If they decided to speak up, what would be the consequences? Will they be fined or will they have the license revoked?

When I met the ITU medical staff, when dad was on the brink of death, I was bluntly told that they obey a protocol. Then, they realised that their statement was a slip of the tongue and changed the version to: “Well, not truly a protocol but guidelines”. Were the medical staff not allowed to question this protocol, on realising that it was more harmful than beneficial? Who signed and accepted this protocol? Is this protocol the result of WHO’s directives?

Still, when the truth is out, the statement “We were just obeying the orders” will not suffice to make the loved ones of the victims of this protocol feel better. It will not suffice to bring the poor victims back. It will not suffice to justify the suffering that this obedience has allowed to bring about in our hospitals.

Are doctors being turned into victims of their own profession?

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