A successful protest march against Covid19 Measures not covered in the local media

Last week, I announced that a protest march against Covid19 measures was going to take place on Saturday, 15th May. The protestors gathered at Spinola Bay and walked down to the area in Sliema, known as It-Torri where they ended their rally. In all, a group of around 200 individuals participated.

One may agree or disagree with these protestors. But what is astonishing is the fact that our local mainstream media did not give it any coverage. Yet, when it comes to a protest by five to ten pro-abortionists, these are given prominent coverage and a group of 200 citizens, who marched against the measures enforced by Government, is completely ignored! This leaves me quite concerned for it goes to show that, after all, our mainstream media is not truly independent but follows a predetermined agenda.

The importance of this protest march rested on the fact that it was part of an international event organized all over the world where people protested and demonstrated against the irrational measures being imposed on free citizens.

Moreover, what took place last Saturday was not just an isolated rally on our island. It was an activity that formed part of what is being called World-Wide Demonstrations. Those protesting in Malta wanted the Maltese to realize that these world protests are based on the need to know the true facts. The demonstrators demanded scientific evidence behind the measures imposed as a result of Covid19. The protestors called for transparency and for an open discussion with doctors, virologists and others.

Their message was: Where is the science in all these measures? 


One thought on “A successful protest march against Covid19 Measures not covered in the local media

  1. People need to wake up and start asking intelligent questions , We have been in this drama for over a year , we have had no information regarding any independent scientific data to do with this so called “ Deadly Virus “ which has a survival rate of 99.5 per cent , questions are asked and ignored , The Media are not interested and neither are the Health Authorities or Governments There are lawsuits in Austria , Norway, Germany , Portugal and more to come, already in progress for Crimes against Humanity and for the New Nuremberg Trials 2021 , We have been obliged to wear masks , stay locked up. close out businesses , have lost our jobs and feel like we are now already living in China . We are being coerced to take an experimental Genetic Vaccine and treated like guinea pigs in the meantime , We have had zero deaths since this nightmare has started . Why is nobody questioning what is going on here ? Protests in their millions are happening all over the world yet no one is reporting them ?

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