If the vaccines are working, why is there a need for all these boosters?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

As I wrote in another blog, those who took the Pfizer “vaccine” will be asked to take a third shot not only within 12 months of being vaccinated but now it seems that this will have to be done annually, as confirmed by the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on April 1 in his statement “People will LIKELY need a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated” and that “it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus annually”. [1]

Now even Moderna is following suit since its two-dose vaccine is said to be 94.5 percent effective at preventing infections at the six-month mark. Moderna president stated that “New variants of concern to continue to emerge around the world.  And we believe that over the next six months as the southern hemisphere enters the fall and winter, we could see more variants of concern emerge. We believe booster shots WILL BE NEEDED, as we believe THAT THE VIRUS IS NOT GOING AWAY”. So, a third shot will be needed and it will be made available in Autumn.

Isn’t it a coincidence that our local authorities have arranged for Covid-19 vaccine boosters to be delivered as Health Minister Chris Fearne has told parliament last Monday? [2] Isn’t it a coincidence that autumn is being the season targeted by our authorities and Moderna? Does this mean that they are expecting another wave this coming autumn? Does this mean that they know something which they are not telling the public?

What is also alarming is that while Moderna president recently said that the booster shot will provide additional immunity against COVID-19 variants that have spread from other countries,[3] our Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci said that “The Covid-19 vaccines … are EXPECTED to provide at least SOME PROTECTION AGAINST NEW VIRUS VARIANTS [….] so, vaccines are still offering protection to varying degrees against variants”.[4] Can people see that there isn’t one linear answer by the authorities, governments and big pharma companies about this? Are these vaccines expected to offer protection or are they offering sure protection? Shouldn’t they be providing full protection instead of some protection?

The icing on the cake is that while Dr Fearne stated that it was not yet known for how long the vaccines would offer immunity, Profs Gauci stated that “what has been shown so far is that if a person receives a full course of vaccination, then there’s enough protective immunity in the body to protect against severe disease, even from these variants.” Aren’t these two opposing statements? With all these “vaccines” and boosters, will the subjects be turned into a genetically modified humanoids? Will these “vaccines” stop the transmission or will they shed the spike protein that they contain, thus paving the way for another pandemic?

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One thought on “If the vaccines are working, why is there a need for all these boosters?

  1. I’ve been trying to prevent this from happening for three years. It’s frustrating. And most people I talked to [including a psychologist] thought I was bonkers.

    I even went to a psychologist for writer’s block but it broke before I went to my first visit. Why did I have a block? I could see all the signs and just like everyone else, I didn’t want to believe it.

    I stopped going because I was afraid the psychologist was going to have me committed.

    The Psychologist

    Now it’s done—we had our chance and blew it. Watch for banks to collapse and power grids to go down next. Everything is controlled and not by us.

    The shots are not working because they’re not meant to work. They’re only out there to make money. They’re meant to do something else.

    The Introduction of Technological Disease

    If [and I believe it didn’t] the spike protein didn’t exist before, it does now. People are being injected with the genetic code to force their bodies to produce it and infect others.

    I talked to a few people today and my anger showed. One man I had tried to convince we were in real trouble since 2018.

    He said, “You were right” quite firmly.

    I said, “of course I was right and now we’re screwed.” I know my anger showed.

    I talked to a man and his wife. They asked me if I got my shots and I looked at them like they were the bonkers ones.

    The wife said, “you believe they are no good.”

    And I said, “No—I KNOW they are no good. I know the science.”

    I’ve gone to politicians to stop ALL the shots. They took out my babies in the 70s.

    US Candidates That are Pro-Vaccination

    Screenshots of emails exchanged between me and them are in there.

    They all know these shots are no good and they are lying to you. These are nothing more than what they have always been and that’s Human Experimentation.

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