The Liberal Press enjoys speculating. Responsible journalism does not. 

My criticism of an article in Lovin Malta has hit a raw nerve! It has irked the portal’s editor Christian Peregin who posted on Facebook  and I quote:

What is worse, however, is that he states that I implied that Lovin Malta should be next? Either this man does not know Maltese – my  article was  in Maltese –  or he twists facts for his malicious goals. As always happens with the Liberal Press, sentences are deliberately taken out of context and used for the sole purpose of fitting them into a preconceived political agenda.

Christian Peregin’s attack is slanderous to say the least. It is meant to attack me for having criticized one of his journalists for writing about Keith Schembri’s medical  condition. At no point in my article was the word hatred mentioned.  What I stated is that the article I was criticizing is shameful. And in fact it is. I don’t think that any media should go into the personal details of any person’s health conditions irrespective of whether the individual is a convicted criminal, an alleged criminal or an ordinary citizen.

Lovin Malta, with Bonnici’s article, reported Keith Schembri’s  condition and even raked  up  the past by referring to  Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog written years ago when she revealed the details of Keith Schembri’s treatment for eye cancer.  At the time, her article was condemned by many.  And YES, unfortunately, this is an aspect of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s negative bequest.  I would have thought that after the outrage  created by some of  her blogs, this type of journalism had ended. Unfortunately, it is not so.

Now if Christian Peregin believes that these opinions are  tantamount to hatred, then all I can add is that he has to think and reflect carefully.

On another point,  Christian Peregin’s and his journalist  should realize that Yorgen Fenech is free to do what he wants with his money.  Nobody has a right to either criticize or interfere in his decisions for having paid, in the past, for the treatment of Keith Schembri in the USA. Incidentally, how did Peregin find out? What was the purpose of even divulging this detail? Was it not malice?  

At this stage, what is pertinent to query is whether the police knew about Keith Schembri’s health condition and whether they are capitalizing on this factor. Incidentally, was Melvin Theuma aware of Keith Schembri’s condition?

With this, I conclude that there can be no doubt that there were times when Daphne Caruana Galizia’s pen invaded highly personal issues as when revealing Keith Schembri’s eye tumour but this does not alter the fact that, to date, the true motive for her brutal murder remains unknown.

The Liberal Press enjoys speculating. Responsible  journalism does not. 

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