Tomorrow 15th May, Malta will be joining Worldwide Demonstration against Covid19 Measures

Malta is waking up. Tomorrow, 15th May,  people from all over the world will be standing side by side for Freedom, Human Sovereignty and Human Rights! They will show to the world that they are one big family! 

Malta will be taking part in this worldwide activity. People will be meeting at Spinola Bay at noon (12pm) and then they will walk together to Sliema – up to the Fortizza. At the same time, they will be respecting the existing rules. Thus they will walk in groups of 4 people and the distance will be kept between each group

Those who would like to join are being asked to get  a visor as otherwise police will fine those without masks.

Those participating are being asked to wear at least one yellow clothing (T-shirt – cap – bag etc.) and encouraged to bring  banners or Posters or write slogans on T-shirts etc.

Most important, they are being asked to make noise. Bring whistles, drums etc. The organizers would like to remind all those participating, that this is a peaceful rally.

For more details visit:

You will find the official channel for the World Wide Demonstration here:

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