Are fines for not wearing masks tantamount to harassment?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

While the local media portal “The Independent” boasted that the number of fines that were given to people due to breaching Covid-19 regulations was that of 1,058, an interesting comment from an ex-employee of the Armed Forces of Malta, read:

“Fines should not be paid because they are not backed up by any law. Plus, if one feels that no law is being broken by them and they are being unlawfully harassed by the police, they can refuse to give particulars, I.D. number etc to the police. One should stay calm and not show any resistance and willingly get arrested then one can press charges for unlawful arrest and for the trauma suffered in the process. I served my country in the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM).  I did roadblocks, breached houses, chased criminals and fugitives from Kordin and worked alongside the Police Force on many occasions.  I have never seen in my whole life living in Malta such breach and abuse of power by the authorities and the police force.  If I was in the Police Force I would not follow these enforcements because they go against the academy code of conduct towards the public and the oath itself that each and every member of the force took to serve and protect the people.  To all the Force, with all respect and loyalty, its time to step up to your oath guys.  This madness should stop and the force should stop being a tool or a puppet on a string for the government.  We the people come first.  Let us breathe.  It is our right.”

Does it make sense to say that the authorities are fining us while we are trying to breathe? Will the world follow China when the latter’s citizens were asked to pay for fresh air while buying bottles which came with breathing masks attached? Will we be asked to pay in order to be able to breathe? Can we argue that fines are illegal? Are people aware of the “strawman” which was created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue, including that of fines, for the government? (

Are there any members of the police force who are against mask-wearing and against fining the public for not wearing the mask? Can these members join in the public’s plea to have the mask mandate removed from all places?

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