Mask rules are being relaxed in America for both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The Times of Malta and Lovin Malta have joined forces when they both published an article whose headlines state that that United States of America has relaxed mask-wearing rules for vaccinated people.[1][2] This is utterly misleading and shows that our media chooses to misinform so to keep on pushing the Covid-19 narrative. It surely shows how our media has lost its integrity and that it is no longer of an investigative nature.

Since the article of TOM does not specify its writer, I am going to address the Lovin Malta journalist, Tim Diacono and his article “US Public Health Agency Relaxes Mask Rules For Fully Vaccinated People”. It is not true that only the vaccinated people can ditch their masks when outdoors and away from crowds and I am going to prove how.

Tim Diacono says that the US is following the CDC orders but this is not exact. An article of the “New York Times” states that “After the CDC announcement, a handful of governors said they would relax their outdoor mask mandates. In Massachusetts, masks won’t be required unless it is not possible to social distance.” Does the word “vaccinated” appear anywhere in this quote? Doesn’t it also show that masks have to be worn in specific contexts? Another article by AP news states “The CDC says that whether they are fully vaccinated or not, people do not have to wear masks outdoors when they walk, bike or run alone or with members of their household. They can also go maskless in small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated people.” Why didn’t Tim Diacono include this too? Why didn’t he name his article ““US Public Health Agency Relaxes Mask Rules For Fully Vaccinated People and Non-Vaccinated People, with some exceptions”?  Isn’t his article pushing for a divide between the “vaccinated” and “non-vaccinated”?

For the sake of more proof, here are more quotes from the above American media:

“In 24 states there was no statewide mask mandate, while in Colorado masks could be required depending upon the number of cases diagnosed in a county.”

“Masks are now only required outdoors in Kentucky at events with more than 1,000 people.”

“Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee announced the end of statewide public health orders and issued an executive order that ends the authority of local officials to issue mask requirements in the 89 counties directed by the state health department. He also asked larger counties with their own health departments to lift restrictions like mask requirements by Memorial Day. The mayor of Knox County, which includes Knoxville, said Tuesday afternoon he would end a county mask mandate effective at midnight Tuesday.”

In addition, what Tim Diacono left out was the fact that the CDC also stated that

“EVERYONE, FULLY VACCINATED OR NOT, should keep wearing masks at crowded outdoor events such as concerts or sporting events”. He also forgot to write that “The agency continues to recommend masks at indoor public places, such as hair salons, restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, museums and movie theaters, saying that is still the safer course EVEN FOR VACCINATED people.” So it seems that in America, the vaccinated are not that privileged as our local media wants to portray, either!

The only state that has only allowed the vaccinated to remove the mask is that of New York. I have already mentioned this state in my blogs about the Green Pass/Covid-19 Certificates and how it has taken away the freedom and rights of the unvaccinated.

So, while the US is lifting up its mask-mandates, our health authorities still want to keep us wearing masks ad aeternum while our local media is pulling the same rope. My query is: is our local media pushing for masks to be removed for the vaccinated or do they already know beforehand that this will be the case?

Also, could it be that they want us to keep on wearing the masks, so that they still remind us that the pandemic is still on?



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