Two more middlemen involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

Yesterday, in an article I published, I shared a sound clip uploaded by Rijock who is a blogger writing about Malta. I can confirm that the sound clip uploaded on his site is genuine. I don’t know how he came into possession of this sound clip but it is the one that was played in court in the last sitting of Yorgen Fenech’s compilation of evidence. It was one of the sound clips recovered by the defence team from the material that they had received from the police but which turned out to be totally masked.

The importance of this sound clip lies in the fact that there are two more middlemen involved. By the term middlemen, I am understanding go betweens the hitmen and the person or persons who commissioned this murder.

In itself, this piece of evidence goes to confirm that Melvin Theuma has been lying to the court. Already, one of the newspapers remarked that in the evidence given by Theuma in the compilation of evidence against the Agius brothers (Tal-Maksar) and George Degiorgio and Jamie Vella, he had changed by correcting his evidence given under oath in court.

This time round, Melvin Theuma has made a categorical declaration that Yorgen Fenech is the sole mastermind in this murder. Yet, this sound clip clears confirms the contrary. It may be a snippet within a much longer conversation, non the less the fact remains that another two middlemen are involved. Both Johann Cremona and Melvin Theuma are agreeing that there are two more middlemen involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

Therefore, the must be fully aware of who these two middlemen are since the tapes had been handed over to the police. Why did the police not fully investigate the contents of these tapes and instead appear to have chosen the easy way out and simply hand over tapes to the defence, without, one should hope knowing that they were masked.

What can be noted is that George Degiorgio and his brother Alfred Degiorgio are stating the truth, when they said that should they be granted a pardon, they are ready to reveal the name of two other middlemen involved in Daphne’s murder. This was stated before this snippet was made public by another defence team. I wish to remind the reader that when the Degiorgio brother asked for pardon, the Caruana Galizia family shot it down. Why is the family not interested in finding out who are the other two middlemen? What is there to hide? Curiously the Caruana Galizia family never raised an objection re-Melvin Theuma being granted a pardon.  Yet, it is now apparent that he is lying through his teeth. His performance in court is equal to a Grand-Guignol performance. 

The Degiorgio brothers are just one of the many pawns in this entire case.

Since that  there are other middlemen in this case, it means that they have to be identified at all costs before any further ado. If one accepts Thuema’s outburst in court when he insisted that Yorgen Fenech is the sole mastermind, then becomes imperative that Theuma, having been granted a pardon must reveal all and not just to testify as a spokesman for those who are adamant that Yorgen Fenech should take all the flak because the other two middlemen need to be protected. This goes against the presidential pardon and there will be an outcry should the compilation of evidence not do its job.

Since there are other middlemen, and that is a fact, then there are others involved who are being shielded at the expense of the truth. After all, less we forget, Melvin Theuma was a middleman too, whose credibility is leaving much to be desired. I am sure that should George and his brother are given pardon in relation to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s case, the truth will come out and it will be shocking enough that Melvin Theuma may even risk of having his pardon revoked. 

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