Newsbook quotes study that confirms the risk of developing blood clot after taking the jab AstraZeneca

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The personal motto of the late Daphne Caruana Galizia, God bless her soul, was “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. She believed that this was missing from the way a lot of Maltese journalists worked. The latter thought that if there is no evidence in sight then nothing wrong is going on.

I will not go into the blogs of Mrs Caruana Galizia but I feel proud to continue, in a different matter and on a different topic, her legacy of writing blogs which also attack the status quo. My blogs bring up the topics and questions that readers would benefit from, since in our local mainstream media, one has to read in between the lines in order to reach some form of Truth.

Such practice would indeed be useful in analysing the article of Newsbook by Ms Josita Dalli whose headline stated that the chance to develop blood clots after contracting covid is eight times higher than after taking the AZ jab. This was apparently concluded by an Oxford study which concluded that blood clots occurred in 39 million patients with Covid-19.

Doesn’t this study and article fail to tell us whether those Coronavirus patients who developed blood clots were all in hospital and were all under the ventilator? Did this study check whether blood clotting occurred after patients were put on the ventilator? May I remind the readers that my father developed blood clotting while in ITU under the ventilator and not when he was diagnosed with Covid-19, and that when my father developed blood clots, he was already found negative to the virus. I had also written that my father was already being administered blood-clotting preventive medicine intravenously from the first day he was in ITU.

Isn’t this headline manipulative? Is it a way of fearmongering by the media to cause the citizens not to refuse the vaccine? Is it a way of coercing the people to take the vaccine, at all costs? Why all this propaganda in favour of these vaccines? Why is the local media, as in the case of the above article, admitting that AstraZeneca jabs create blood clotting but justifying it under the statement that there is a greater chance to suffer from it by the virus, when dad’s medical files show that this is not true? What more proof can I give to the people?

I will follow suit and take on the responsibility of the statements that Mrs Caruana Galizia had written: “I cannot bear the thought of injustice, still less the reality of it.  It’s true that life is unfair and much of it can’t be helped, but WHERE I CAN DO ANYTHING TO AVOID UNFAIRNESS OR TO SET IT STRAIGHT, THEN I WILL.”

Tgħaqqid tad-demm: 8 darbiet aktar ċans wara l-Covid milli wara l-AstraZeneca – rapport

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