Why is Melvin Theuma’s testimony not credible?

Rijock has uploaded a sound clip from Melvin Theuma’s recordings. In this recording, Johann Cremona is talking to Melvin Theuma. Johann Cremona is heard swearing and he states that there are two other middlemen involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Cremona continues to tell Melvin Theuma that he knows these two middlemen. The transcript of the uploaded conversation is as following:

Johann Cremona: There are two others like you (middleman) mate… But (heavy swearing) you are the only one exposed in all of this.

Melvin Theuma: That’s it.

Johanna Cremona: (Repeats) There are another two others like you.

Melvin Theuma: Because they tricked me from the start Johann.

Johann Cremona: (Repeats) There are another two others like you and you know them both!

Melvin Theuma: (Repeat) They tricked me!!

This recording was heard in court in the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech. Therefore, why has Melvin Theuma testified the way he testified in the case against the Maksar brothers last Thursday, April 28 before Magistrate Farrugia Frendo?

It should be remembered that during this hearing, Melvin Thuema declared under oath that Yorgen Fenech is the sole mastermind behind the murder of Caruana Galizia. How can Yorgen Fenech be the sole mastermind, when Melvin Thuema is heard dialoguing that there are at least two other middlemen involved in this murder?

In their plea for pardon, the Degiorgio brothers stated that they are ready to name another middleman and two masterminds, involved in this murder. Their pardon plea was turned down by the police.

Why was it refused by the police? Why do the police not want that at least another middleman to be named? And in whose interest is it that they should not be identified? Why was Melvin Theuma never questioned in court by the prosecution during his testimony to reveal their names?

It should be noted that the recording in question was one of those given to the defence but part of it was masked. In other words, it was not accessible to be heard. The Defence had to engage an expert to retrieve the full contents of this recording. It is time that the Ministry responsible for the Police gets down to doing his job properly immediately. Any further delays will only serve to show how weak is his Ministry or better still perhaps the Police should return once again under the remit of the Prime Minister .


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