What is the position of the Maltese Health Authority on AstraZeneca?

Marica Micallef

While the European Union is suing AstraZeneca over missed vaccine deliveries, this jab is still causing adverse reactions, like rare blood clotting and fatal deaths. Why isn’t the EU suing it for these side-effects and for the fatalities it is causing? Aren’t these a more grievous reason?

Isn’t the fact that 18 countries paused and suspended the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a serious matter? Or is it a political maneuvere?

Amongst these countries, we find Austria, where a 49 year old died on 7th March as a result of severe coagulation disorder while a 35 year old developed blood clots in the lungs.  Danish authorities also reported that one person developed clots after the receiving the vaccine and died, on 10th March. On April 24th, 5 cases of rare blood clots were reported in Ontario, Canada, whereas a 60 year old was diagnosed with a stroke caused by vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopena (VITT). This is a severe condition, which can lead to cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) where veins that drain blood from the brain are obstructed, causing fatal bleeding.

In Malta, I have also come across Facebook posts of people stating “Astrazeneca, you almost killed me” or “I took the Astrazeneca jab and I am still very weak, three weeks later. Please be careful”.  There was even a fatal tragedy when a friend’s young and healthy brother of the person commenting died in a supermarket the second day after taking this same vaccine. Another 58 year old died in his office at Valletta this week. He was healthy and he had taken the AstraZeneca jab on April 9th.  

Comments stating “But was a link to the vaccine found?” or “But only a few are being affected by the jab” show how much these comments are not coming from an anchored heart space with a dose of empathy and the high level of cognitive dissonance. I have already pointed out in another blog that finding a link to the vaccine is very difficult and that even if links are found, the said company cannot be sued for any injuries caused.

Health Minister Dr Fearne confirmed the administration of the AZ vaccine to the latest thrombosis patient, while investigations about a Maltese woman who died two weeks ago with a blood clot after taking the jab, are still underway. I would like to remind Dr Fearne that in the beginning of April, he had said that Malta has not recorded any cases of blood clotting in patients who had received the AZ jab.  Profs Charmaine Gauci had also insisted that there have been no confirmed cases of blood clots in patients who took the AZ jab. Isn’t it time that Dr Fearne and Profs Gauci apologise to these people who are suffering adverse reactions after taking the jab? Isn’t it time that they suspend the administration of AstraZeneca jabs? Why isn’t Malta banning AstraZeneca vaccines? Is it because they costed too much to the country and there is no reimbursement?

Journalist Yendrick Cioffi of the news portal “Illum” published an article with the headlines “Ir-riskji tal-vaccin huwa ferm iżgħar mir-riskji marbuta mill-Covid-19” (The risks of the vaccine are smaller than those tied to Covid-19). Cioffi is admitting that there are risks in taking this vaccine. But should there be a risk in taking a vaccine in the first place? Why should people be exposed to such a fatal risk by taking a vaccine? Why is our Health Government not investigating these high related risks, which in some cases seems to have been fatal?


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  1. Good evening. I am just a simple resident of Malta. I tell u one thing. No matter how they pressure on me. At work or otherwise- I will never allow them to make my body as experiment! This substance! I name it as it is. Never passed saved clinical researchers! So I do not give my consent! To experiment on my health!the health department can give me guarantee that I will be ok?? No. Full stop. I have my son. 4 years old. He has only me. No way I take a risk . But moreover. How dare they push us?? It’s our health. Our decision. What we do.

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