Lies are being presented as science to coerce people into obedience

Marica Micalllef

The British writer and journalist, Graham Bruce Hancock once wrote that:

“I believe we are a species with amnesia.  I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins.  I think we are quite lost in many ways.  And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost.  A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers of products and not really asking any of the questions.”

This phrase puts into context the type of life we are living right now. Many just believe all that the authorities and the media are telling them about Covid19. Instead they should be looking at other research and questioning everything.  This is why God gave us a brain – so we can use it and think with it. To do this, one needs to deconstruct everything that he was taught and everything he is told. Read everything, listen to everything, but question everything.

According to Alvin Toffler, “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Are people unlearning all the propaganda that they are being made to swallow down their throat? Are people wondering why there are individuals, even within their families, who are questioning the pandemic? Are they trying to understand why they are doing so?

Will our civilization perish because people are listening to their politicians, rather than to the truth seekers?  Will our civilization wake up to THE GREAT DECEPTION we are living in at the moment? Will our civilization wake up and refuse to become pharmaceutical slaves?

Isn’t a single bee ignored but when millions come together, even the bravest run in fear? Don’t people think that the only thing that the governments fear is the day we stand together?

Why do people decided to stay put with fear from a virus, in order to protect themselves, but then are not fearful to inject themselves with a jab which is still in experimental phase? What is this mindset of choosing to believe a government narrative about a “deadly pandemic” and ignore the personal experience which can offer a different reality? If a virus is so deadly, why is it that many need to be tested to know that they have it and still remain asymptomatic?

Why can’t people see that this pandemic is being used by a political and economic elite in order to change the world economy?

Can’t people see that society is splitting in two? There are those who are being driven by fear and want to be ruled over and those who are driven by love and want to be free. Those individuals who have never thought that companies can make a profit from diseases are taking the mainstream news as facts. They are failing to question them. These individuals are believing that we are at the apex of a scientific and technological age. In reality, as I had shown many times in my previous articles, the measures that are being proposed can be given all labels except that they are scientific!

One thought on “Lies are being presented as science to coerce people into obedience

  1. This is a great article and so true. I had a conversation with someone yesterday and he said we seem to have lost our survival instincts.

    I thought a bit [I’m more than proficient in psychology and human behavior] and said, “that’s not exactly true.”

    Our survival instincts have been subverted. If you knew what I know, you’d know populations have been chemically intellectually castrated for 50 years or more. And we’ve been deluged over the airwaves to convince us we cannot survive without pharmaceutical products—the very thing we need to avoid.
    Mds have become snake oil peddlers—deadly ones…

    So we take their toxic drugs because we’ve been convinced we need them to survive. Many of us don’t need them at all. I know because I’ve been there—done that…

    Wrote this with the two fingers I have left a bit ago:

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