“Nurses are scared to speak out”

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Thousands of people peacefully protested on Saturday 24th April in London, because they want to be left alone to live their life just as how they choose it to be! They do not want to be imposed any lockdowns, any vaccination, any digital green passport, cards instead of cash and so forth. They want freedom, rights and get the truth out about what is really going on!

As usual, local and foreign media won’t speak up about this because they just want to hide anything that goes against the Covid-19 narrative and agenda.  The aim is to keep people in fear and keep people believing the lies.

It was lovely to see that among those protestors, there was a 100 year old man! Yes, a man labelled as “vulnerable” by the Covid-19 narrative, who yet decided to be on the side of truth, while representing the elderly people who were imposed to be left alone and isolated, because the governments love them so much that they would rather keep them safe from a virus rather than allow them to die with solitude.

And, it was lovelier to see NHS nurses joining the protest too. Among banners they carried were “Nurses are scared to speak out – Coercion is not the same as caring”. Surely, they can witness more what is truly happening, just like I witnessed what is truly happening in our hospital when dad was on the brink of death there.  Hence why I stand to be counted and write my blogs with a clean conscience that I am speaking truth. When you have eyes to see, you see what you truly have to see. The signs are always there, for those who are awake.

Other banners and writings that the protestors carried read “I need to be able to tell my children I did not stay silent” and “Save my freedom”.  A banner which caught my attention read “Until you wake up, we will fight for you”.  Yes, the lions who are currently still asleep must wake up and join us.

We must wake up from this Zombie Apocalypse. Apocalypse for Revelation while Zombie for

  • Physically alive but spiritually dead
  • Deprived from independent thinking
  • Cut off from higher self
  • Slave of the system

Covid-19 has opened the road to freedom and awaking. It has opened the road to freedom from the following hardships; corruption, poverty, slave to work, taxes and inhumane loans.

The more we are, the more powerful we turn against the oppressors. May Malta join in thousands in such peaceful protests so that we start walking the road to true freedom!

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