The PN does not only need to change faces but also attitude and mentality

Blog post by a PN member

Dear Dr. Mercieca,

The PN is currently saying that the veterans need to make space for new faces. Those who contested many times may be asked to step aside. I think that the PN doesn’t only need a change of faces but more importantly, it needs to radically change its attitude and mentality. Karol Aquilina is practically a new face but he’s one of the worse types in the PN. There are also new candidates who are spreading venom against the previous leader and his team.

What damage Carm Mifsud Bonnici and Robert Arrigo did to the PN? What good Ryan Callus and Karol Aquilina did to the PN? So, new faces with the same old mentality of hate and backstabbing will keep the PN miles away from ever climbing back to Castille.

If the party had to ask someone not to contest, this should be done because he or she is a liability to the party and not because he or she was successfully elected to Parliament on a number of occasions.

It is time that the PN starts realizing that in our electoral system, candidates play an important role. Winning or losing an election depends on the number of votes obtained by candidates in each district. Therefore, the PN cannot ignore the voters’ choice. The voters have a much more important say on the choice of candidates than someone who is working at the office of the party leader. The choices of the party should be based according to the preferences of the voters in each and every district.

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