Are the local Health Authorities hinting that those who fail to take the jab will be socially ostracised?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

It seems that the divide and rule saga continues and this times it comes with the statement uttered by Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci that “Mandatory Masks will be re-assessed when majority is vaccinated”. Why am I saying so?

I am stating so because there seems to be an indirect hint that if herd immunity is not reached, then fingers will be pointed at those who refused to take the vaccine, pushing those vaccinated to blame those who decided to not take the vaccine for keeping on wearing the masks. May I remind the readers that mask wearing did not help to decrease the numbers. Besides, there is no scientific research that masks work.

On the other hand, is this a subtle tactic to push more people to take the vaccine, considering that so far, only 21% of Malta’s population took the jab?  Are the authorities trying to strike a contract with “Take the jab so we remove the mandatory mask?” Is this a fair treatise?  What if the majority do not get vaccinated? Why aren’t they respecting freedom of choice? Why is imposing the only way forward?

During the press conference, Profs Gauci also responded to journalists that “the health authorities will monitor the experience of Israel, which recently removed its requirement for people to wear masks outdoors after the majority of its population got vaccinated against COVID-19.” Israel? Is Israel truly the country to be looked upon?  It has been reported that Israel has limited access to cafes, gyms, hotels, restaurants, cultural and other sports events for those who refused the jab whereas the inoculated or those with recent negative results could attend freely.  It also wittingly made it very costly and difficult to get tested, so to encourage people to go for the vaccine instead.   An official told the The Times of Israel, “If they are required to pay a few dozen shekels [for a COVID test] every couple of days so they can enter their workplace, gym or restaurant, it will encourage them to get vaccinated.”

In addition, Israel’s Manufacturers Association has asked government officials to be able to put workers who refuse vaccinations on unpaid leave, while asking non-vaccinated workers to present a negative coronavirus test every 72 hours.  

Israel was also the country to pass a law whereby the identities of those who refuse the jab can be put forth to authorities in the “Name and Shame” disgusting attitude. This law was passed on Wednesday 24th February, giving Israeli government, the education and the welfare ministry the right to receive the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who refused the jab.  This not only raises concern over the privacy of the individual, but it denies the citizen the right to the privacy of his medical information.

So, of all countries, is Profs Gauci really looking up to a country which have resorted to such unlawful measures? What is all this leading to?

Should we read in between lines? Are they hinting that Malta will also follow suit in denying access to certain activities to those who refuse the jab? Are they hinting that they want to name and shame those same citizens?

Are the Health Authorities aware that citizens have a right to exercise their right not to take the vaccine?

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