David Starkey accuses the British government to have messed up Covid: Malta is following suit.

In this interview, the British historian, David Starkey reacts to the accusations made against him because of a comment he made over a year ago (2020) on black slaves. In an outburst because he was disagreeing with a historical argument regarding slavery, he used the unfortunate phrase “damned Black”. This brought a tirade of   accusations and insults that he is racist and because of this, he was expelled from lecturing at Cambridge and from the Royal Historical Society.

In this discussion, Starkey speaks about the change that has taken place in our society. The change began with the iconoclasm of the 1960s which led to the present clamour for victimhood. Starkey speaks about the contemporary academic debate of political correctness and the principles of objective truth. In this, Starkey is invoking the Medieval principle of “Veritas”. What has happened in the process is that the world has gone into cultural retreat. Society is losing its objective test of evidence. Therefore, the Medieval principal of Veritas is not being tested by objectivity. This means that like the Middle Ages, the debate is just about words, with the difference that today, words are being used to constantly humiliate individuals, whether Black, White or Yellow. Nevertheless, Starkey rightly notices that words can humiliate a person only when that individual allows himself to be humiliated.

Every issue nowadays is being polarized. Politics is polarized because it is based on the principle of division. History studies analysis politicians and their action. The analysis is conditioned by the matrix of history. In history, words can only be used in one direction. History works backwards. In other words, history looks at the past to prepare for the future and there is no better example to explain this that the governments reaction to Covid19.

Using the tool of retrospection, which is offered by the study of history, David Starkey is very critical of the British Government’s measures regarding Covid. He accuses the British Government of panicking and clearly states that Neil Ferguson, the former Government advisor, was wrong on all counts on the measures that were implemented regarding Covid. Using history, Starkey affirms that Governments cannot have scientist on top. Scientists cannot lead in politics. They are catastrophic. In a democracy, scientists are needed on the side. Starkey explains that this was a reflection made by Winston Churchill. He wanted scientists but they had to be by his side and not on top of him. And this is what is happening today because of WHO. Scientists are being put on top with disastrous consequences. If scientists want to become politicians, they have to change career. They cannot have their feet in both camps.

Starkey explains that lockdowns can only work well in dictatorial states. If you are not living in a dictatorship, you can never have a proper lockdown. In a democracy, lockdowns bring only destruction and disasters. China can do lockdowns well because its citizens are ruled by a dictatorship. By introducing lockdowns, the state is demolishing the notion of freedom. What the citizens are being told is to sacrifice freedom for security. When this happens, Starkey observes, the citizen will lose both. This is a response to fraud in human nature and each time that this has occurred, civilization died from inside. This is what is happening now. Our civilization is dying from the inside. With the acceptance of these measures, we are embracing slavery again. Like the slaves in the times of the Roman Empire, we are worshipping a new religion which we are calling science. One needs to remember that Christianity started as a religion of the slaves and this brought about the fall of the Roman civilization. This is Nietzsche’s explanation for the success and spread of Christianity which Starkey, rightly embraces.

And what is happening today in England is also taking place in Malta. In England, citizens are being asked to worship NHS. The people are being asked to protect NHS. Starkey considers this to be ridiculous because the NHS was specifically created to protect the people and not the other way, for the people to protect NHS.

Why is Starkey arguing in this way? The answer is at the end of this video. Starkey states that “things matter because we make them matter”. What we are doing is that we are allowing our authorities to bamboozle us.  But in history, authority has no say. Quoting what another great British historian, Geoffrey Elton used to say about authority and history, Starkey states that: “There is no authority in history. There is just evidence.” And it is the evidence that world Governments are messing up. 

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