One expects better from an editor of the Allied Newspapers limited

The Sunday Times’ editorial of 18 April 2021 was dedicated to the testimony of the Deputy Attorney General, Philip Galea Farrugia, given last Wednesday. Galea Farrugia’s approach was described by the editor of the Sunday Times “as not being as chilling as that narrated by Vince Muscat il-Koħħu”. 

And what does, according to the editor of the Sunday Times, Galea Farrugia states. He reveals the plan of Yorgen Fenech to escape, including the use of a horse trader to provide them with a small truck…”. Who are them? It seems that by them, the editor was referring to Yorgen Fenech’s uncle and brother. Despite the fact that according to the editor of the Sunday Times, this is a “chilling revelation” even if not at the level of the one given by the Koħħu, still the police have till now never questioned Ray Fenech or Yorgen Fenech’s brother about this story. Frankly, it is incredible that one can actually use a horse trader to provide them with a small truck! Does the editor not realize how ridiculous and unsustainable such a statement is!    

Then, the editor mentions “a certain K”. Another incredible piece of information! Why haven’t the police, after all these months, failed to identify who this “K” is? Is it fair that because of all this police incompetence, someone should be kept for all these months under arrest?

But what is even worse is the fact that according to the editor, and here I quote, “the deputy AG painted a picture of a concerted effort to get a murder suspect off the hook”. I ask the editor how anybody, whatever the charge, who is being granted bail, is being considered let “off the hook” before even a trial? 

To add insult to injury, the editor believes that this is all compelling evidence. My question is where is the factual evidence? In court, what counts are the facts, not speculation.

What the editor failed to prove so far is any connection between Yorgen Fenech and the Maksar brothers. The climax comes when the editor writes that “the police are somewhat in a quandary” because of Malta’s criminal code. My question to the editor is this. How on earth can the police be in a quandary because of Malta’s criminal code? Malta has a criminal code which is a legacy of the British. Is the editor insinuating that according to our criminal code, Yorgen Fenech cannot be charged as the mastermind in this case?

Therefore, why is the editor backing Galea Farrugia, who ruthlessly wants to keep a person in prison despite the fact that after all these months, the prosecution has not been capable to close its compilation of evidence? Readers of the Sunday Times would expect better.

What I should state is that when the former managing director of Allied Newspapers was granted bail, the editor of the Sunday Times failed to write an editorial where he condemned the court for having granted him bail. Where lies the difference between the two? At this stage, they are both alleged suspects.

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