Do you still think that all these measures are just about a virus?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

How often did we hear the authorities talking about measures as if they are a little sacrifice from our end? They are presented to us as some sort of short or temporary measurement until we get back to normal. I prefer to say “until we get back to pre-Covid” conditions but I doubt when this will take place. My fear is that our world will take time until it will get back to normality! I have always felt that something is brewing and that we are enslaved by the authorities in the name of public health and safety. I saw all this coming and this was the reason why I wrote the way I wrote. At the moment, the only normal aspect that I wish to return to is the ability to hug and be closer to the people that I love.

In the meantime, the authorities have made us swallow an endless list of actions that were presented as just tiny efforts and sacrifices from our side for the common good. We were made to believe that the Covid measures are “just about….” In the end, we have ended up with an endless list of regulations which if they had been issued at one go, would have created mass protests all over the world. Here is the list of these temporary measures:

  • Just about a mask
  • Just about 2 meters
  • Just about non-essential businesses
  • Just to flatten the curve
  • Just a few more weeks
  • Just a bar
  • Just a restaurant
  • Just schools – they can do it from home
  • Just churches
  • Just to keep from overwhelming Mater Dei and the frontliners
  • Just about care homes
  • Just until the cases go down
  • Just to keep you safe
  • Just to keep others from being scared
  • Just about gyms, salons, spas and sport
  • Just singing
  • Just a temporary ban on travel
  • Just a few months of lockdown
  • Just some floor markings and temporary screens
  • Just a one-way system
  • Just until we get a vaccine
  • Just for tracing
  • Just an app
  • Just to let people know you’re safe to be around
  • Just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with
  • Just a few more months
  • Just some areas
  • Just government guidelines
  • Just for your own good
  • Just for protecting others
  • Just fact-checking – it is not censorship
  • Just mandatory
  • Just to save your granny
  • Just because of the second wave
  • Just until “the science is settled”
  • Just only those scientists, not these ones
  • Just a cancellation of the Easter festivities
  • Just no happy birthday, no shared cakes
  • Just no hugs
  • Just no gatherings
  • Just no fun
  • just almost a year. But after a year, it will get better
  • just a swab
  • just for medical information
  • just a jab
  • It is just the law now.
  • It is just a badge. Get a lanyard.
  • It is just a card to store your medical history.
  • It is just so you can travel.
  • It is just for your passport.
  • It is just so you can go into stores and pubs.
  • It is just so you can send your kids to school.
  • It is just so you can get your driver’s license.
  • It is just so you can vote.
  • It is just so you can go to a concert.
  • It is just a facility, to keep you separate from the others.
  • It is just a few more years.
  • It is just for those people.
  • It is just for the ones who didn’t care.
  • It is just better we keep it this way.

It is NOT just…..

When will people wake up? When we lose our job, home and cars? When our assets are seized? When families fall apart? When we lose friends? When we lose the will to live?

Gandhi had once said, “I believe that no government can exist for a single moment without the cooperation of the people, willing or forced, and if people suddenly withdrew every detail, the government will come to a standstill.”  This is the power of the people. The people have the power to revolt and say no to the new world order we are heading to via the UN Agenda 2030 of population control and reduction. We are heading to a one-world government. Is there awareness as to who has been orchestrating all this behind humanity’s back?

Do you still think that all this is just about a virus?

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