A big thank you to Robert Abela

Blog post Marica Micallef

Very often, my blogs are misinterpreted as being an attack on Government and I am automatically labelled as a Nationalist supporter. Unfortunately, this country is all about two parties, the red and the blue. When I criticise the red, by default I am a blue and when I criticise the blue, by default I am a red. This is a puerile mentality of the incapacity to think and analyze for oneself.  I criticize and praise any authority as and when required. I come from a family which supports the Labour Party but for me, politicians are there to serve the country and then the people. Power should rest with the individual and in the people. It is up to the people to decide by whom they wish to be governed and manipulated.

My writings are, for those who don’t wear blinkers. Truth and rights are being slowly stripped away from humanity. My blogs are meant to encourage reflection and to bring change for the better so that humanity can walk towards rational freedom.

When Prime Minister Robert Abela was asked what his thoughts are regarding euthanasia, he indirectly mentioned my dad in his reply. It was hard for him to decide because a friend of his (my dad) was on the brink of death, and yet, survived. I am not going into the issue of euthanasia, as this requires separate coverage.

My father and the Prime Minister’s dad, the former President Emeritus George Abela, grew up together as neighbours. They lived in the same town and street. My mother had also engaged Dr George Abela as a lawyer when she needed his services. When Dr Robert Abela decided to be a candidate for the upcoming leadership election within the Labour Party, my parents decided to be his canvassers throughout the whole campaign. They were obviously pleased to hear when he was elected as Malta’s new Prime Minister.

When Robert Abela was informed by my mother that my father was hospitalized, he decided to pay a visit to ITU 6, unexpectedly. After the end of the inauguration of a ceremony which he had at Mater Dei, he went personally to ITU 6 to ask about my dad and the late Qormi local council mayor Renald Falzon, God bless his soul, who, at the time, happened to be in the same ITU with my dad. This shows the humanity of our Prime Minister and I am thankful for this show of respect.

On the other hand, I would like to ask whether Dr Fearne and Professor Gauci have the intention to visit ITU or if they have ever visited ITU as representatives of our health system? I also ask why my email to Dr Fearne dated Sunday 1st November 2020 at 12.38, whereby, I requested a meeting to speak about my dad and if he could assist, was ignored and never got the courtesy of a reply let alone an acknowledgment. I can understand that our Health Minister is busier than usual, especially after having been elected on the board of the One Health Global Leaders Group. This board advises on international health organizations such as WHO and UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Undoubtedly, there must be other members in his ministry appointed to serve and assist the Maltese public and the nation. Replying to emails and other queries is one of them.

I pray daily that all these leaders and people in power who ought to know what is going on to take action. As Dr Martin Luther King Junior had said “We need LEADERS not in love with MONEY but in love with JUSTICE. Not in love with PUBLICITY but in love with HUMANITY.”

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Robert Abela.

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