Paul R. Chetcuti’s natural methods cured me from my intestine problems

Blog post by Ray Spiteri

Recently, I read a Facebook post by Marica Micallef about her father’s incredible healing story and urged me to share my own healing experience with everyone. The person who cured her father is the same one that cured me. For this reason, I have no words to express how grateful I am for the intelligent scientist Mr. Paul Chetcuti.

I had been suffering from a condition in the large intestine for 23 years and have been going to hospital for treatments and observation from time to time. I am neither criticizing the hospital nor the doctors, on the contrary, I really wish to thank them for their efforts. I was always happy with the treatment given because they kept my intestine stable. My specialist had told me that I would have to stay on treatment pills for the rest of my life since this was an unknown condition and there was no current cure for it.

One day I decided to stop the pills temporarily for 3 days so I could donate blood and I suddenly noticed heavy bleeding from my intestine and had massive abdominal pain and had to go to hospital immediately. For obvious reasons, doctors made it clear that I cannot stop the pills for no reason without their permission.

Then, in 2019, I discovered this Maltese scientist Mr. Paul R. Chetcuti and went to his clinic for consultation. From that day onwards, I did not take a single pill for my intestine condition. I repeat that I’m not criticizing the hospital because they used all the technology that they had available. What I’m saying is, that what Mr. Chetcuti uses is an advanced and modern technology compared to the technology found in the local hospitals.

Believe it or not, I am completely healed from this condition and now I am over the moon. A huge thank you goes to Mr. Chetcuti and may God bless him and may he keep on helping and assisting people who are suffering.

Apart from my experience, Mr. Chetcuti has had other similar successes about which he can definitely talk about them in your programme tomorrow on Xejk TV at 8.30 pm.

One thought on “Paul R. Chetcuti’s natural methods cured me from my intestine problems

  1. Rajt il program il bierah, jidher li dan is sinjur jaf jispjega sew fuq is suggett, naturalment certi telspetaturi ma jinteresahomx certi issues, ohrajn Iva ( il baqra ghalekk tinbieh kollha ) .prossit tassew … j’Alla jkompli jistudja w jkun ta triq ghal fejqan ghal bosta.

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