The need for the unvaccinated to unite in one community

Blog post by Marica Micallef

While following what is going on in the UK, I strongly feel that the time has come to start building communities. This is because our rights are slowly being stripped away from us.  So the question remains: “Is Covid-19 truly about a virus, a cure and health or about the stripping away of freedom and the enslavement of humanity, through various factors?”

From the positive side, I am happy to see that thanks to Covid-19, whatever disconnects us from the Divine, is being taken away from us.  Among this, I mention materialism, consumerism, over-consumption of food, the need to travel at all costs, the pagan way of celebrating our feasts (filled with competition between band clubs, the worshipping of statues and the noise pollution of the fireworks) and alienation. We have become living hand in hand with pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth and so, Covid-19 will take its course and eliminate all this, because this is God’s path for humanity to re-learn the values and awaken to a higher state of consciousness. Some have been doing this through spiritual growth and self-work daily. Moreover, God wants us to take action and stand up for ourselves because His DNA runs in us and God is powerful and so are we!

On the negative and more grievous side, our rights and freedom are being taken away!  We are already seeing the introduction of vaccine passports in Europe. In the UK, pubs will be allowed to ban boozers who haven’t had the Covid vaccine and punters may have to show proof of jab or test. No jab, no pint! [1] In Malta, certain takeaway shops are not selling a bottle of wine after 9 p.m. They told my friend “As per new policy”. UK’s Tesco’s express has also installed cashless self-service checkouts, for the benefit of less queueing, while a British friend of mine informed me that when he went to pay for food at the supermarket, the cashier told him that she is not supposed to take cash!  Are we now heading towards a cashless society?  What if those who do not take the vaccine, are further discriminated upon with no entries in pubs and other sections of society?

The solution, in such a local scenario, is for the unvaccinated to build communities whereby they can for example, exchange services. I have been guided to do this since last year. When dad was hospitalised, a cafeteria close by used to give me free coffee, out of support and compassion. In return, I gave the owner some items I had in my kitchen cupboard which would turn more useful to him. A neighbour has lately started giving me fruit for free from his garden and another neighbour, who grows herbs in his patio, gave me some basil. Another friend of mine does marmalade from her fruit trees and sells them for a cheap price in recycled glass jars. An acquaintance also gives yoga in exchange of food instead of money while I have friends who have started a roof garden or a small farm with local produce. I have also seen signs hanging on the terrace informing the passers-by of home-made products that can be purchased. I am also being guided to visit Mgarr and buy certain items from there even though it is not my town. I think these are all signs as to what is ahead and how the people will survive during the years to come.

We might be heading towards Darwin’s survival of the fittest. United we stand, Divided we fall!


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