An irrational fine for not putting on the mask while eating

Blog post by Marica Micallef

One of the latest measures announced is that we can only eat and drink while we sit. What difference does it make than doing so while standing up, is mind-boggling to me and it would be a laughing matter, hadn’t we been in the midst of this pandemic and the abuse of power and draconian restrictions that are coming with it. I guess that this virus is more likely to infect when one is sipping some water while walking than when the same action is performed while seated.

Irony aside – a Facebook post shows that apparently, according to LESA or TM, we cannot be seated and lower the mask to have a sip of water or nibble some crisps! The post stated “Any idea what this is? On the beach with my flatmate. Nobody for 5 meters. They said I had nit sipped my beer for 5 minutes. So, I should have been drinking more?”

The post also shows a screenshot of the fine given by Transport Malta whereby next to point number 9 for “Others”, the “offence” “No Mask” was written. Isn’t this running out of hand, with institutions deciding for themselves as to what makes up a fine, without adhering to the directions of the authorities? Moreover, from which point of legality do Transport Malta or LESA function? Normally, these institutions are authorized by law to give fines for breaches of driving rules. In fact, the name was written next to “Driver’s name”. In this case, the person fined was not driving, which makes this fine even more dubious. Common sense has it that next to “Others”, an offence related to driving should have been written. So it stands to reason that this fine carries no weight and should not be paid!

Lastly, but not least, how more cruel is this becoming to not being allowed to lower the mask to enjoy the basic human needs of drinking and eating? Now that the weather is getting hotter, hydrating ourselves is surely more of a health necessity than not drinking, let alone suffocating with the mask on? With temperatures rising, the impact on our health will be huge. Not to mention the aesthetic part, while I imagine dark people with the form of the mask still showing, on a tanned face!

We are in this state because some people have accepted the political narrative of the day unquestionably while consuming the mainstream media reminding me of George Orwell’s novel 1984. They were immediately prone to submissiveness while having outbursts of irrational fear. Orwell showed how people allow others to do the thinking for them while shaming publicly the free-thinkers, labelling them conspiracy theorists, while being unaware that in reality, they are the complicity theorists.

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