Propolis healed my dad’s severely damaged lungs

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The readers of this blog know my dad’s story. He was misdiagnosed with Covid19. Medical doctors started giving dexamethasone, a steroid, simply because apparently, they believed it could reduce deaths in the hospital from coronavirus. This drug was given to patients with severe complications. Like any other medicine, it has its side effects which include heartburn and insomnia.

Then, my dad was put on the ventilator. To our surprise, doctors started even to give him clexane. I would like to insist that this was given to him from the first day he was put on the ventilator. Clexane is an anti-coagulant, meaning it is used to prevent blood clots from getting bigger or stopping new clots from forming. Yet, during the second meeting with the medical staff, we were told that dad’s blood is clotting so firstly, we cannot understand why dad was already being given this from the start, and secondly, it surely did not prevent dad’s blood from clotting.

Did the medical staff know from beforehand that there was a probability of dad forming blood clots? Was it a pattern which they had seen before on patients on the ventilator? Also, clexane is a drug that should not be given to patients who have high blood pressure, and dad did have high blood pressure! Among its side effects, it causes DIFFICULTY IN BREATHING and SHORTNESS OF BREATH, a fast or irregular heartbeat and thickening of the bronchial secretions. These were surely side effects which dad did not need when he truly needed to be helped with breathing.  At the hospital, they also used to tell us that his heartbeat is playing. Now, we know why.

Then dad was administered a lot of antibiotics, which, as I already wrote in previous blogs, made his pneumonia worse. These antibiotics were tazocin, teicoplanin, meropenem, colomycin, levofloxacin and septrin. Among common side effects which these have are BREATHING DIFFICULTIES, PARAESTHESIA (pins and needles sensations which is something which dad still complains of) and KIDNEY PROBLEMS, which dad developed in hospital.

To make matters worse, dad developed candida while sedated and intubated and being administered all this medicine, which is a fungal infection in the intestines, which dad procured since his immune system was being compromised at the hospital. So he was treated with caspofungin.  With all this medicine being pumped in my dad’s blood, and with the pride that medicine and scientific progress boast of, this medicine should have cured my dad in an instinct!

When in ITU 2, though finally, dad has woken up thanks to the foreign doctor’s advice of which steroid they had to use, we were devastated to keep on hearing that my dad’s lungs were severely damaged and that there is nothing more they could do. How could we heal his lungs?

It was Mr. Paul Chetcuti who advised us to use PROPOLIS, which we purchased from a beekeeper! We were met with disagreement when we asked the medical staff to give propolis to dad. So, I gave propolis to dad under his tongue behind the medical staff’s back. I used to wait for that split second where no nurse or doctor is around, and give it to dad. At this point, my dad could not swallow yet, so the propolis mixed with dad’s saliva and did its job.

Propolis is a mixture that honey bees produce so that they can protect their hive. IT IS ANTI-VIRAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL. It not only cured my dad’s lungs in a span of two weeks, to the surprise of the doctors, but in a week my dad was off the complete dependency of the ventilator with no weaning off from it needed, and when he was put on intermittent intervals with the tracheostomy mask, dad had no problem in staying on it over 36 hours without any issues. This was to the contrary of other patients who started with fifteen minutes.

We never told the medical staff we gave dad propolis. God bless nature which has everything we need, at a cheap price. I guess there are so many other cures in nature which we do not know of. God gave us everything for free to use. But alas, Big Pharma prefers to have sick clients so it sells more medicine and makes millions.

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