Cruel measures that are separating families who live in different households

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I live by myself and I used to wait eagerly for that day during the week when I could be with my whole family together– my parents and my brother, his wife and my two nephews. We all have different ID cards and live in different households. Now, I cannot do this. I can only meet my brother and his family by himself, while collaborating from beforehand so that there is no one else apart from me. The same applies when I visit my parents.

The pain that was procured in my DNA with watching my dad dying and cannot go close to him to hug him or hold his hand; with a mother who was quarantined for the first two weeks; with then dad being quarantined when he was moved to Karen Grech Hospital, limiting us to visit him individually for 15 minutes a day only, and now with these new restrictions, the pain is still running in my DNA. I cried by myself. I suffered by myself. No one dared give me a hug, with the instilled fear in them that we might infect each other! I will, one day, forgive, but I will never forget.

With these new restrictions, whereby only two different households can be together in the same house, families are being separated. This will not only induce a sense of solitude but create strangers among families with mental and emotional repercussions.

To then watch programs like Sanremo whereby distance and mask-wearing were not practised or reading that the Maltese Football national team was eased off from the restrictions, is very unethical and again, another discriminatory practice!

I already know of stories of old people who have not seen their children or grandchildren for a year. Last time I witnessed a couple showing their baby to the grandfather who stood at his window.  I also know of parents who have become grandparents but they have never seen their new born grandchild.

I know parents who have been tested positive and so they were not allowed to be close to their young child. I know others who have moved out of their parents’ home because they were labelled as vulnerable. I know medical or healthcare workers who have followed the same path. These have been away from their loved ones for a year now.

We read stories of husbands not being allowed near their wives or partners while giving birth. A signed petition about this was sent to the authorities but it fell on deaf ears, with hospital staff backing up this measure!

The stories are endless. This is getting worse. What’s next?

What about those foreigners whose families are abroad and their imminent family here is a group of supportive friends or a group of colleagues? With individuals having their own life, with nothing to do outside to socialise, no laugh to share over a coffee or a meal, we have been turned into prisoners of our own home and strangers in our own families.

Students at schools have also been asked to be 2 meters apart and wear a mask. What kind of world is this for them? Are they being taught on how to be affectionate, hug and socialise? Definitely not! What will be the repercussions on all this as they turn into future adults?

It is a divide and rule attitude and all this reminds me of Satanic rituals whereby Satan’s worshippers have to wear a mask and stay 2 meters apart. There are no feelings between them albeit demonic practice.

Some believe that it is just a little sacrifice for a few months, and then things will go back to normal. Some believe that lockdowns will do the thing. This will not happen. There might be a period where we are made to believe that everything has gone back to normal but this will be short lived.

What else is in store for humanity?

2 thoughts on “Cruel measures that are separating families who live in different households

  1. How true, by these measures the authorities are destroying our moral values thought by our elders.

  2. Everyone is free to proceed with caution within the perimetres!
    Rather surprisingly stupid for such an “intelligent ” individual to go public!

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