Container ship stuck in Suez Canal – Shortage of food supply and high rise in the cost of living on the way?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The media reported that “accidentally”, a giant container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, which is accountable for about 30% of global container ship traffic each day.  This has left around 200 containers stranded in the Canal, including 5 which were meant for Malta, affecting the local freeport with a lower turnout volume.

Apparently, this ship, which is 400 meters long, ran aground and got stuck in sand due to a strong wind and a sandstorm … Well, it must have been a really, strong gust of wind to have managed to get such a big ship stuck in sand! And let’s face it…it got stuck in sand! The tugboats are finding it heavily difficult to put it afloat again. Now, the BBC is reporting that the ship was freed.

Surely, the more this ship rests aground, more ships will remain waiting at the opening of the Suez Canal and their volume will increase day by day. Even if the Canal reopened, as reported by the BBC, there will be a backlog to work through.

What will the repercussions of this “accident” be? Let’s hope that this story will not lead to another hike in the prices of some essential goods on the excuse that some items are becoming scarce.

Shop owners have already informed me that some current items they have, will soon be sold at a higher price; some have already increased in price. With people having lost their employment, or closed their business. Some have less income due to having been put on reduced hours, so they cannot afford another hike in the prices of essential foods. An unnecessary increase in the cost of living will make it worse for humanity, in such dire times.

The fear is that this blockage can result in a delay for the arrival of food containers and this can result in the shortage of some essential food. As supply goes down, there will be a risk of the cost of living to increase. This is a normal economic repercussion. I hope that I will not be accused with fake news. What we are living through is an inevitable Great Economical Reset, a New World Order, a basic economical income, a suppression of rights and freedom.

As a consequence of this blockage, there are other ships, carrying livestock, that got stuck in the Canal. My heart cannot but weep for these pure creations of God, which are at our mercy and which are there, stuck in a container, in the heat, in their own faeces, hungry and thirsty, while being carried for the kill in another country! Being an avid non-meat eater, I pray that one day I see an end to all this cruelty and torture.

Covid-19 is truly the biggest killer – of businesses, of employment, of fun, of a cheap standard of living (which has become an illusion), of shows of human affection, of closeness, of human rights, of the flu, of heart attacks, of our freedom and of all that we are entitled of.

This year we are floating! Next year we will sink!

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