The Anti-lockdown protests the media did not talk about

Blogpost by Marica Micallef

On Saturday 20th March 2021, thousands of people from various countries gathered and marched peacefully as a protest for the lockdown measures, which are destroying more lives than the actual virus itself! I was pleased to see these awakened people who are aware of what is truly going on and marching without masks! They all shouted “Freedom” – because at the end of the day, we want freedom from this tyranny and imposed restrictions. Banners like “We do not consent” were also carried! Democracy has been thrown in a bin and communism is on its way.

The countries which witnessed these marches were Australia, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Romania, Finland, Portugal, Poland, UK, Israel and the Netherlands. My question is how come it did not have any mainstream media coverage? Why does this under-reporting exist?  With having all these thousands trying to do a wake-up call, does this mean that these thousands of people are also conspiracy theorists? The latter has become the catchy word of those who believe that lockdowns will do the trick, that vaccines will do the trick and that soon we will return to normality.

If those are all conspiracy theorists, then we must be many who have decided to come up with so many theories! Does this mean that we all know something which the media is trying to hide and we are trying to inform others as to what is truly going on and where we are heading to?

Weren’t we, same period last year, told that with a partial lockdown, we can control this? If this truly was controlled, then how come we are in a partial lockdown again, a year later? If lockdowns do not work, then why do them? This all points to the Great Economical Reset, a blog I already wrote about last year and the world will go through an economical crisis in all sectors. So we had better be prepared!

Other orders we were imposed were mask wearing and keeping the distance…if these truly work, wouldn’t the cases have dropped? So, the empirical questions to ponder about are:

  1. If PCR tests work, why the false positives?
  2. If masks work, why do we still have a high number of cases?
  3. If masks work, then why do we still have to keep our distance of six feet apart?
  4. Vice versa, if the six feet works, why are we wearing masks?
  5. If all of the above work, why the lockdowns?
  6. If all of the above work, why is a vaccine needed?
  7. If many people are now taking the vaccine, why are the lockdowns still on?
  8. If many people are now taking the vaccine, why are the cases still rising?
  9. If the vaccine is safe, then why is there no liability clause?
  10. If Sars-CoV-2 exists, why hasn’t it been isolated?

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