The mainstream media keeps ganging up!

According to Thurday’s edition of Malta Today (18th March), and yesterday’s edition of the Times (19th March), lawyer Arthur Azzopardi has presented a Libel case  against me for what I have written in one of my blogs. The blog in question was my analysis of the news as reported by the Times Of Malta regarding the compilation of evidence concerning the Degiorgio Brothers held on 16th March. In the cross-examination of Vince Muscat, known as il-Koħħu, Dr William Cuschieri , the lawyer of the Degiorgio brothers, asked him a question about a certain Arthur whose name appears in Melvin Theuma’s recordings. I  commented on this reference and my comments were considered as libelous by lawyer Arthur Azzopardi.

I will not comment further here on this libel case instituted against me by lawyer Arthur Azzopardi. I will comment about it in court.

Meanwhile, on Thursday (18th March), there was also the continuation of another compilation of evidence; this time concerning Yorgen Fenech. This recording was again mentioned in court and there is confirmation that Melvin Thuema truly has a recording wherein the name of “Turu” (which is Arthur in Maltese) is mentioned. Therefore, lawyer Cuschieri was not lying or bluffing on Wednesday, when he mentioned this recording to Vince Muscat, known as Il-Koħħu. This recording really exists. Thus, I have made a correct analysis of Lawyer Cuschieri’s statement in court.   

But there is another reason why I am writing this article. If one reads Matthew Agius’ article in the Malta Today, this article is worded in a way to obfuscate and damage my reputation. Indeed, in his subheading, Agius states that a University Lecturer is being sued for libel, when this article or writings have nothing to do with my university work. Edwina Brincat was in the same line of thought and included my academic life in the title of her article.

In the case of Malta Today, Matthew Agius also referred to Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi’s past history but had to retract what he had said about him because he was not correct. But there was one detail that this journalist did not mention. I wonder why after all, it is an open secret and there are many others for that matter who are in the same ‘club’. Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi has a past history of being a Freemason like many others for that matter. Why did Agius not refer to this fact? Selective reporting?

I am mentioning these details so that readers can understand better the hidden dynamics behind this libel case.

On second thoughts, perhaps one has to be grateful for small mercies; if nothing else, they are keeping me updated as to the goings on in the corridors of power before I am informed officially. As the saying goes forewarned is forearmed.

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