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When I decided to share the story of my dad and his photo on Facebook and its pages, my dad was recognised by a scientist who knew him.  This intelligent scientist sent me a message on Facebook and introduced himself.  This scientist is Mr. Paul Chetcuti, who studied science and schooled himself by himself.   He has also a clinic and so far, he has helped a lot of patients heal from cancer and other ailments, where hospital and the traditional medicine, so far failed.

After telling him the story of my dad, who at that time, was in his second week in hospital and we were already told that dad had less than 24 hours left, Mr Chetcuti could inform me as to what was going on in my dad’s body via personal details of my dad like name, surname and date of birth.  So, before the hospital staff informed me that my dad’s kidneys and liver were failing, I already knew.  Daily, Mr Chetcuti gave me updates as to my dad’s state.

Mr Chetcuti was also the one to advise us to tell the medical staff to give dad blood shots and intravenous Vitamin C.  He also emphasised to us that this should be done continuously and that while doing this, it is important that my dad’s blood is filtered from waste products.  This proved also true because my father, a few days later, developed AKI (Acute Kidney Injury) and liver failure.  So, when on the 29th of October 2020, we had the second meeting with the medical staff, I asked the medical staff to give my dad blood shots (for which they had said they first have to do a consultation), only to later start giving blood shots to my dad – shots which kept on being given to him for quite a good period of time, even when transferred to ITU 1.

When it comes to kidney failure, at first the hospital staff told me that they did not have any means to detox and filter the blood. So, I insisted on having the dialysis machine used in ITU on my dad. At first this was refused, only to find out later, that this machine was taken to ITU 6 and used on my dad.  It kept on being used on him in ITU 1: first daily and then thankfully he was put on intermittent usage of it until his kidneys, thank God, returned back to their normal function state, and so did the liver. A miracle indeed!

On a similar note, Mr Chetcuti had advised for the usage of the Cytokine Arrest Kit, so that, if there was truly a covid case, my dad’s blood is filtered.  But hospital staff did not know anything about this kit, even though this had been approved in USA.

Mr Chetcuti kept on informing us on the state of my dad and any changes he is seeing up till when my dad was released from ITU 1.  He was also the one to suggest to us the natural drops, which healed my dad’s lungs, later, when we were told that there was no way they could heal because the infection was too deep! (These drops will be tackled in a future blog).

I would like to thank Mr Chetcuti for his continuous help and support and for also accompanying me to the other local hospitals when I tried to seek a way out for dad. Unfortunately, I could never mention his name at hospital, nor could he come for the meeting to give his suggestions to the doctors himself. This is because in this country, only “degrees” are recognized and doctors were only adamant to accept a medical opinion. This is a shame because when knowledge is shared for the benefit of humanity, then the benefit is greater for all to enjoy!  Thank you Mr Chetcuti, from the bottom of my heart!

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