Yorgen Fenech’s phone

In the court sitting on March 16 2021, Jason Azzopardi revealed in the process of cross examining il-Koħħu alias Vince Muscat, that the latter’s date of birth and name were found on Yorgen Fenech’s phone. Muscat replied that he was not aware that his personal data was in Yorgen Fenech’s phone. I can understand that since it appears that il-Koħħu never met Fenech! Was this another gauche attempt to continue incriminating Yorgen Fenech?

I ask myself how did these personal particulars of il-Koħħu end up on Yorgen Fenech’s phone? Was it there before the date of his arrest? Or was it inserted after the police confiscated his mobile? Lest we forget, his wife received more than one phone call from her husband’s mobile which was in police hands. She even filed a report but nothing has materialized; not even a simple complaint can be solved. She has proof on her phone that the calls were made from her husband’s mobile which was no longer in his possession! I wonder whether any of the newly recruited officers sworn in a few weeks back – I believe they are 65 in all – can solve this simple mystery. It should not take much. No need of a Poirot, a Maigret or a Holmes… all you need is to check records unless these have gone ‘AWOL’ or have been tampered with a purpose. Who was on duty at the time, etc etc etc. Basic.

But from what has been stated today in court, as part of the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech, I have a feeling that we are getting closer to the rotter in all this absurd saga which has tinges of a Kafkasque work of art.

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