A 1st murder planned in 2015

During yesterday’s court sitting, it turns out that there was an earlier attempt to murder Daphne Caruana Galizia back in 2015. In yesterday’s cross examination, the first plan was to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia by shooting her. This time round, the name of Yorgen Fenech is not mentioned and does not seem to be related to 17Black or Electrogas.

Incidentally, this first attempt was never mentioned by Melvin Theuma in court. However, from the details that were recounted yesterday in court, there is clear evidence that Theuma knew about this. One needs to remember that Melvin Theuma had no problem in asserting that Yorgen Fenech is the mastermind but if indeed Fenech is the mastermind how come he does not feature at all in Vince Muscat’s testimony? How can the mastermind not feature in the first murder attempt to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia?

Moreover, it seems that the police also knew about this first attempt. This is known from the evidence given by the police themselves to the public inquiry. It now transpires very clearly that there was an attempt to implicate Yorgen Fenech to this first murder attempt but then, there was a change of plan. However, the way Fenech was mentioned by the police implies that even here, there was someone, who wanted to use this failed attempt to frame him.

Therefore, if the police had indications of this first attempt, why did they not seek to investigate who had sought to trap Yorgen Fenech into this case. Why? The person or persons were so amateurish that if they had wanted, the police could have caught them.

Therefore, why am I stating that there was a plan to entrap Yorgen Fenech into this story? Lest we have forgotten the story told by Superintendent George Cremona to the inquiry judges. Cremona told the judges that the police received information from US counterparts at the Department of Homeland Security on September 29, 2019, that a gun and ammunition had been ordered and were supposed to be sent by post to Yorgen Fenech’s office at Portomaso Tower.

The order was in the name of Yorgen Fenech’s father who was deceased by then. At the time, I had argued that this story does not make sense because the parcels were first to be given to the security officers and then passed on to the clerks before they reached the person to whom the parcel was addressed.

Cremona also told the judges that the gun and ammunition were ordered through the use of a dark web. Conveniently, the police tied the name of Yorgen Fenech to the use of such a dark web from where this gun and ammunition were supposedly to be bought. What is strange in this whole narrative is the fact that the police were not in time to verify the information because the site was closed down by the Italian police before the Malta police could investigate! Where is the international collaboration between the police in this case? Were this story true, the Italian police would have passed on the data and information. Why haven’t the police succeeded in getting to the real identity of the person or persons behind this fake order?

This continues to show that the police are somehow behind the frame-up of Yorgen Fenech as they failed to identify those involved behind this order. Those behind this order are definitely linked to this first murder attempt against Daphne Caruana Galizia. In other words, those involved in this order knew about this failed attempt and wanted to implicate Yorgen Fenech but failed.

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