MP Mario Galea was right: Health workers are at risk of mental exhaustion

During my program of last Wednesday on Xejk TV, I had the Nationalist MP, Mario Galea, to talk about mental health. Galea came in his personal capacity and not as a Nationalist deputy. His intervention was professional and not political. It should be pointed out that Galea is a professional nurse and today works extensively in the field of mental health. In my programme, Simon Mercieca Jiddiskuti (Simon Mercieca discusses), Galea said that a lot of psychological and psychiatric help will be needed for health workers whose work is related to Covid19 because they are exposed to a high level of risk of physical and mental exhaustion. Today, Galea’s predictions were confirmed correct. There is an article on this subject in the Malta Independent on Sunday. The article confirms what Mario Galea had said in my programme and correctly anticipated the situation that many health workers will be facing because of the measures and pressure of work related to Covid 19.

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