Melvin Theuma has been lying in court

It seems that finally the truth is surfacing. It seems that Vince Muscat, il-Koħħu is a more realiable witness than Melvin Thuema. From what Muscat has stated in court, it is clear that Melvin Theuma has been lying through his teeth.

The next question should be: Why was the pardon given to Melvin Theuma and not to Vince Muscat? He seems to know too much but for some reason or another, there were somebody who did not agree to give his consent that Muscat be given a state pardon. Possibly because it was not in his or their interest.

The impression that one is forming is that Melvin Theuma was given a pardon because he is a liar, as we say in Maltese bil-pedigree. He lied to cover for someone else. At the same time, he has attempted to cover up his wrongdoings – or again as one says in Maltese xturu. All along Theuma has given the impression that  Yorgen Fenech was the sole mastermind in this whole affair but as middleman, he told the hitmen that there was a group of people working on this murder. Theuma spoke to Muscat in the plural – they.

It is slowly emerging that Yorgen Fenech never sent anyone to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia. Others planned the whole thing.

Consequentially, the Police Commissioner committed a serious error when he declared that all those involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have been arrested. I will not go into the issue of Cardona or Schembri. I will leave that to the police to investigate. Vince Muscat explained also that he was not allowed to enter with the others into Castille and was told better ‘Ċens’ you stay out and all Muscat really knows is that he saw them enter Castille through a side door. He was not with them when they met whoever. For all we know, they could have made it all up. 

When he questioned his fellow hitmen how they knew certain things the reply was  “leaks from Superintendent Valletta and contacts with Cardona. But did they actually meet Cardona or perhaps met up with his chauffeur? Then there is this at :

 1.40 pm Asked how he got to know about the Naxxar coffee shop that Caruana Galizia frequented, he says Alfred Degiorgio had told him the information came from Melvin Theuma who got the details from the “person who commissioned him”.

So the person who commissioned him, ergo Melvin Theuma gave the information to Alfred Degiorgio about the whereabouts of Daphne Caruana Galizia? I don’t think that Melvin Theuma got this information from Yorgen Fenech. If Yorgen Fenech had such information, it would have been in his WhatsApp messages and this would have already been made public through the media. I don’t think that Yorgen Fenech could be bothered as to where Daphne Caruana Galizia used to go. I am certain he has better things to do.  

This continues to confirm that Yorgen Fenech was framed and that Melvin Theuma has been lying all along.  

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