It was a frame-up: I was right from the beginning

I was the first to have stated that Yorgen Fenech was being framed. When I wrote this, a number of collogues at University raised an eyebrow. The media of the bishops started a campaign against me together with the Times of Malta and Malta Today. Both media went on to state that I am a conspiracy theorist!

Finally, we have it from one of the police witnesses that right from the start, the mastermind/s behind this murder wanted to find a scapegoat. I did not find this detail mentioned in the Times but it was reported by the Church media. Usually, I am critical of this news portal but this time round, hats off.

Vince Muscat, il-Koħħu, under oath stated that “Alfred always told me that they are going to put the blame for this murder on someone else”. The ‘they’ now needs identifying. I am sure that we will soon be learning who the ‘they’ are.  No need to go into any further details. We are all aware who is being framed with the added assistance of the unprofessionalism of the mainstream media.  

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