The persistent and continual unacceptable behaviour of a Maltese lawyer

Blogpost from a reader of my blogs.

Who is going to stop this individual, a member of Opus Dei, once and for all? What is holding back the authorities in power from taking action? They have ample instances of the perjury, threats, bullying and falsehoods perpetrated by this one man. Not to mention his behaviour in Parliament.

 Yet for some unfathomable reason, we Maltese citizens seem quite content to allow such a lawyer to circulate freely and let him march on. There are no protests in the streets, no placards up and about waving calling for justice. And yet there is ample proof that this man is a insult to his profession and to his country.

Let us take today’s compilation of evidence regarding  the Cuschieri murder case. After a 20-minute recess, when court reconvened, we read as follows:

The Courts have enough on their plate at the moment not to have to put up with the perverse behaviour of such a man. He should he be allowed to carry on ruthlessly harming others. He behaves like so many dictators in the past and even in the recent past, believing that any mortal who could get in the way of his mission has to be destroyed in one way or another. Any method to achieve his end is permissible. He is special. Even his apologies are special!   

Are our University law students who, often, are so quick at attacking and demonstrating, going to defend this law student cum registrar? Are they going to condemn such behaviour by one of their lecturers or are they going to sit back and let matters take their course because it could be worse for them at exam time?

If this lawyer is going to be allowed  to get away even with this  latest incident,  there is not a chance in hell that Malta can ever reclaim to be a God fearing, honourable country and regain her just place in the Mediterranean which she once held.    

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