What are Rachel Montebello and Philip Galea Farrugia going to do after Jacob Borg’s article on Yorgen Fenech and Johann Buttigieg?

The main story in the Sunday Times today is again related to Yorgen Fenech’s WhatsApp messages. This time round, The Sunday Times publishes messages between Yorgen Fenech and the former MEPA CEO, Johann Buttigieg. What I find fishy in this is that the article is published a few days before an appeal is due to be heard by the Planning Authority regarding the site on which stood the Halland Hotel.  This development project was part of the messaging mentioned by the Sunday Times of Malta. Those who think that this news is about corruption are way off track.  

This news item is aimed at backing those businessmen and/or speculators who have a vested interest that this development project on the site of the once Halland Hotel does not go through. These WhatsApp messages between Fenech and Buttigieg are being selectively used to put pressure on the Board of Appeal to turn down this project. Thus, the Board of Appeal is politely being told to reject this application. If this happens, the rejection would not be based on valid technical grounds but simply on the fact that the developer happens to be Yorgen Fenech.

This is ad hominem argument. The issue that the author of this article, Jacob Borg, has with these chats is that these contacts took place after the information regarding 17Black became public knowledge. It is immaterial whether a contact takes place before or after the identity of an owner of a company is revealed. The issue here should be whether it is ethically correct for such exchanges to take place, irrespective of and with whom these exchanges take place.

But there is more. Once again, The Sunday Times is relying on the WhatsApp messages on which Magistrate Montebello placed a ban on publication! What is Magistrate Montebello going to do now? What is the deputy state prosecutor, Philip Galea Farrugia going to do this time round? Is he going to use a different gauge in this instance when it is blatantly obvious that the banned material is being used simply to accommodate the rivals of the Tumas Group? Who is going to have the guts to place Jacob Borg under contempt of court for publishing contents from these chats?

The Magistrate surely does not need reminding that she has twice placed me under contempt of court on the basis of a falsehoods made by Jason Azzopardi and Philip Galea Farrugia who, in one instance, alleged that I had published material banned from being published. In my case, The Times of Malta, Shift News and Manuel Delia were quick to put pen to paper stating that I infringed the law. Delia went a step further and stated that I am a threat to society!

I wish to conclude by asking the Police and Philip Galea Farrugia what progress has been made by them in establishing whoever is responsible for placing Melvin Theuma’s recordings on Reddit? Though this should have been quite a straightforward task, my hunch is that the investigation will simply drag out for the simple reason that it is not in their interest to conclude and nail the culprit.

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