Repubblika abuses the law

The fact that Repubblika is abusing the law was said by the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations. The Commissioner is up in arms due to the fact that Repubblika used the current laws to its advantage when it knows that these laws were not meant for organizations of the type of Repubblika. In simple words, the Commissioner is saying that Repubblika is a pseudo voluntary organization. Rightly so, the Commissioner is stating that Repubblika is instigating political propaganda. NGOs or to be more exact, voluntary organizations, should not be used to obtain a political mileage.  

One needs to remember that Repubblika prides itself about the rule of law. Therefore, how does Repubblika feel in using the law to cover its back? Is this not what corrupt politicians do? For sure, such an attitude breeds corruption.

Repubblika can play the role of a bully and the victim at the same time. But it cannot dance with the devil and the righteous to suit its purpose.

The president of this pseudo voluntary organization, Robert Aquilina stated that his NGO is being run in a normal way but what is the definition of normal way? Aquilina knows that normality is subjective. All those who are in breach of the law state that they are or were acting in a normal way.

But what I found interesting is the threat that Aquilina made to the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations. He told him that if he persisted with his attitude, he will be writing to international organizations that support Repubblika. This is pure colonial mentality. It was during colonial times, that the Maltese had to report to London for their rights. It seems that now we have returned back to this colonial situation. Instead of reporting or obeying London, we need to report and obey some corrupt bureaucrat in Brussels.

It is true that Repubblika may be not a political party but all its positions are political stands. The truth is that Repubblika’s activities are doing a disservice to NGOs. These laws were passed to spare the burden of true voluntary organizations from going through the financial scrutiny that is required from foundations and bigger organizations. Today, a traditional band club, which has been there for decades, needs a permit to organize a fund raising event such as a raffle. If someone wants to make a silver collection for the missions, by putting a collection box in shop, he needs to report this to the commissioner of NGOs… and Repubblika uses bullying tactics because the Commissioner wants it to toe the line with the law. The President of this organization wrote a strong worded and arrogant reply where he told the Commissioner:

“you will be met with the strongest possible resistance on our part against any action you take if you attempt to take this matter further,”

In simple words, Repubblika expects to be above the law. Imagine if this sentence was written by others. Repubblika would already be calling for the resignation of the person concerned …  Deo gratias et Mariae.

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