Gaerty has now become a credible source for Jason Azzopardi!

Who has not heard of Marvin Gaerty in Malta? He became a household name after the liberal press accused him of having helped Yorgen Fenech and for this reason demanded he resign from his position as Commissioner of Inland Revenue. Readers are reminded that thanks to these unfounded accusations, Gaerty ended up being investigated by the police and was even put on a police bail!

Now, the Caruana Galizia’s family lawyer, Jason Azzopardi is reported by the Malta Independent to have said:

“Commissioner Marvin Gaerty had assured him that this state of fact was ‘very normal’ in personal separation proceedings.”

So for Jason Azzopardi, Gaerty is now acting correctly because it concerns himself, yet when it comes to Yorgen Fenech, he uses a different tone.

I wish to state here that we are dealing with the same Marvin Gaerty, the police investigated some months ago for presumably talking with and helping Yorgen Fenech in an issue concerning his deceased father’s taxation (and not Yorgen Fenech’s taxation).

Suddenly, Gaerty is no longer that corrupt civil servant the media backing Jason Azzopardi and the Caruana Galizia family wanted us to believe. Now Gaerty has become a credible and honest source to the extent that Jason Azzopardi quotes him to explain that it is normal for individuals, going through a separation case to send in their tax returns late!

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