Why does the liberal media choose to hide a sexual scandal involving a prominent lawyer with a client?

While the mainstream media chooses whom to attack about alleged extra-marital relationships, that same media today is publishing these stories, and feigning being scandalized about these facts, choosing to ignore similar stories involving, at least one prominent politician. He not only had an extra marital affair and more than one with different women, but worse being a lawyer, he even picked up one with a client. But this politician is one of those the mainstream media wants us to believe is the most righteous man on earth. The mainstream media wants us to believe that this politician is the paladin of the rule of law and a model for all Catholics to follow.

As one can imagine, this story led to the marriage breakdown of the couple concerned. Her husband wanted to give his story to the media but found all doors closed. None of the mainstream media he contacted wanted to cover it. It seems that one particular news outlet was going to publish it but then pulled out at the last minute.

I have phoned the man in question. He confirmed the facts above. This extra-marital affair not only cost him the breakdown of his marriage but he even ended up paying a hefty sum of money in court fees and settlement. Understandably, during this phone conversation, he made it clear that he no longer wishes to talk about this bad experience anymore. In his words, -“kelli storja, iżda issa m’għandix aktar”. “I  had a story but I do not have it any longer”. I interpret his reply as a clear message to how the behaviour of this politician has conditioned this person’s life. This is why I am not mentioning names. This man has been deceived by our system and by our media that remains selective in picking out its victims. In my opinion this is a clear case of “omerta’”.

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