Is it true that Bernard Grech at first wanted to contest on the Fourth District?

Results, achievements, positive vibes and confidence are the qualities that make a politician a real leader. The Nationalist Party has a leader but he needs to show his mettle as a true and powerful one. Yet, authority is not a right. It is a learning process. In simple words, it has to be earned. When a leader achieves “authority” he will be capable of changing the course of things, even the most complex ones.

It is true that today’s politics are part of a changing world. In politics, change is given as the only key to success. Any working individual would know that there is not a single method of asserting one’s leadership. When allowed to be exercised, leadership will flow naturally through one’s actions. It is a consequence of the concrete measures tackled from the first day that a new leader takes office.

Perhaps one can state that Dr. Grech has the attitude, the interpersonal skills and the ability to integrate himself in the day-to-day running of the Nationalist Party. Yet now, doubts are already emerging as to whether or not Dr Grech is in a position to go ahead with changes. He is even being challenged by those who have chosen him.

From what has come out in the media, in particular, that infamous meeting between RCC and Ray Bezzina, such interpersonal skills appear to be completely lacking.

What is even worse, he struck a number of allegiances and made a number of promises that are now returning to haunt him. He definitely offered jobs to a small nucleus of blue-eyed boys while assuring at least one MP that no heavy weight candidates would be put on the electoral list of his district.

Let’s bet that in the Fourth District, where Jason Azzopardi is the main Nationalist candidate, no heavy weight candidate will be putting in his name. I wish to ask Bernard Grech, whether it is true, that at first, he was eyeing this district, given that he is originally from Paola but then had to reach a compromise with Azzopardi not to contest on the Fourth District so that Azzopardi would desist putting spokes in the wheels, as he had done to Adrian Delia, after the rumours started going round that Delia had the intention of contesting on this district? The truth is that Dr. Bernard Grech is the product of seventeen rebels, who worked capriciously and tirelessly, to bring almost total destruction upon the Nationalist Party

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