The facts that Saviour Balzan is forgetting

Malta Today has again honoured me by mentioning my name in one of its articles. This time round, it was the turn of Saviour Balzan. At least, Balzan spared me the appellative of a conspiracy theorist. Instead, he implied in his article that I am a gun for hire.   I can assure Balzan that I am neither a mercenary nor am I am ready to betray my integrity.

I have never received any money from Yorgen Fenech nor have I ever received instructions from Keith Schembri. I wish to remind Saviour Balzan that Daphne Caruana Galizia has written articles wherein she states that he [Saviour Balzan] was receiving direct instructions from Keith Schembri. Nor  have I ever had  lunch with Keith Schembri in an empty restaurant as  Saviour Balzan has done. This is a fact since I happened to see him dining with Keith Schembri.

What readers perhaps are not aware and I wish to remind Saviour Balzan is that when I was one of those chosen to work on the report for the Nationalist Party in 2013, Balzan filmed   himself declaring that I am “l-għaref ta’ Salamun”, which in Maltese has a sarcastic twist and means Solomon’s wise guy. Furthermore, what he predicted that I, together with the rest of the team, would write in our report never materialized. Unfortunately for Balzan, he has been proven wrong.

I can assure Balzan that none of the persons referred to in his  article, without specifying names, approached me. I have not been approached by whosoever has a vested interest to write that it was Ivan Martin and not Ivan Camilleri to whom Yorgen Fenech refers to as Ivan tat-Times. I challenge Balzan to name those persons  he refers to, as having a vested interest in this case and give me this information. I suggest that as a journalist, Saviour Balzan, should start checking his facts before writing.

What I can assure Saviour Balzan is that it does not make any difference to me personally whether Ivan tat-Times is Ivan Martin or Ivan Camilleri. However, I can understand that for him, this makes a big difference and this goes beyond the libel case that Ivan Camilleri instituted against Saviour Balzan.

My interest in this story derives from the fact the police have failed to arraign Ivan tat-Times. This was the main reason why I wrote that post. Why have the police failed to arraign Ivan tat-Times and accuse him of facilitating Yorgen Fenech’s escape from Malta? If it is true that there was an escape, I would have expected the police to establish the true identity of Ivan tat-Times and hold him to account. This would have spared all this hassle. But this has not materialized.

Do you know why Saviour? Because there was never an attempted escape from Malta by Yorgen Fenech!

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