Who are the idiots?

It seems that the TOM may have taken umbrage because I may have quizzed Matthew Caruana Galizia. I am afraid that if that is the case, the Editor-in-Chief of the Times may rest assured that I shall carry on asking questions that demand a valid answer.

In an article dated February 9, 2021 covering the Editor-in-chief’s forthcoming play on DCG’s murder, I quote Herman Grech:  

“I do not like that we let our emotions get in the way of facts. For example, I hate that some idiots keep peddling conspiracy theories that Daphne’s son was responsible for her murder…”

I wonder which idiots Grech has in mind since he uses the plural. But it would be even more interesting to know who is holding Matthew Caruana Galizia responsible for his mother’s murder and where Herman Grech got this info?

Frankly, holding Matthew responsible for her murder is really pushing things too far. So why does Grech even mention it? Does he know something, we don’t? Or is this another media ploy to discredit third parties who are not liked because they ‘let emotions get in the way”? 

Surely while interviewing individuals even for your play, Matthew Caruana Galizia included, emotions must have run high.  After all, our lives are driven by emotions and feelings. They are part and parcel of our very essence together with various degrees of intelligence and rationale. If one suppresses one’s emotions and feelings so that they do not interfere, one is no longer a human being.

All I can say is that credibility rests on evidence produced. I am stating this because Herman Grech said that he had based his play on what Matthew Caruana Galizia has told him of what had happened on the day of 16 October 2017. This surprised me. Not having read your play, I cannot comment on the content but I again quote you:

“I do not like that we let our emotions get in the way of facts…“

Surely emotions must have run high when discussing the events of that fatal day. Just by reading what has been testified in court regarding that tragic day makes one’s emotions run high.  

My suggestion to Herman Grech is to make sure that Matthew Caruana Galizia is telling the truth and the whole truth and is not leaving important details out because then, the whole narrative of the motive for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination could change.

Frankly, the reality to date is that we still do not know much about the reason that instigated her murder. What has been said so far in all quarters does not enlighten us to the why. |Lots of theories but very few tangible leads. Daphne had her own style of writing but then that in my view, is not enough to justify murder.

Let’s hope that your play is not another attempt to detract from the reality as otherwise you risk cutting a poor figure and be remembered as one of the ‘idiots’ referred to in your interview.

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