Who are the ‘crooks’?

In the Times of Malta’s editorial on Friday, Feb 12, 2021 entitled, Who are the ‘crooks’?, The Times referred to the association between Joseph Muscat and Yorgen Fenech and I quote:

“It is now very evident that what had been rejected by crooks as wild allegations, conjectures and conspiracy theories were no figment of somebody’s imagination.”

I ask the Editor-in-chief, Herman Grech who are the crooks and why are they not a figment of the imagination of some hotheads wearing blinkers? Proof as always is missing. Knowing somebody who may be a suspect does not equate to being a crook as the wise saying goes ‘non si puo’ fare d’ogni erba un fascio’.

Herman Grech should always bear in mind that evidence is based on irrefutable facts and not on the emotions of a mob that is never rational in behaviour. And what facts do we have?

Herman Grech should start by first referring to the compilation of evidence against the three hitmen held on 20 December 2017, when Inspector Kurt Zahra took the witness stand and here l quote from what journalist Helena Grech of The Malta Independent had to say. She reported that: 

“Matthew Caruana Galizia had told the police that he had taken the car to Exiles on 15 October and went back home to Bidnija at around 6pm, the inspector said. He parked the vehicle outside of the drive in and on the street.” 

The heading reads  “Daphne’s murder – rental car was not used by anyone else on day of incident”.

Meanwhile,  Matthew Caruana Galizia gave a different version to Stephen Grey of Reuters. Grey wrote that “Matthew, previously described how he had parked the car in the road that night, something he did quite often”.

I don’t think that by the words ‘that night’, Matthew Caruana Galizia was understanding the time that he had returned back at around 6 pm. I hope that Herman Grech agrees with me that 6 pm in English is not normally considered to be nighttime. It is normally considered late afternoon!

This brings us to another interview that Matthew Caruana Galizia granted the Italian author and journalist Carlo Bonini.This time round to Bonini asking him  why had he not put the car inside, Matthew replied  that he had parked the car at around 5.30 pm and did not move it again. He even referred to the beautiful sunset that he saw when he arrived  to the extent that he took a photo of it with his mobile phone. Thus confirming that it was not yet night time.  Based on this interview, Bonini wrote  “Isola assassina – La sfida di Daphne al cuore corrotto dell’Europa ”. Bonini also writes that Matthew Caruana Galizia did not park the car in the compound “per pigrizia”. The word “pigrizia” in Italian means laziness.

Herman Grech’s attention is being  drawn once again  to what one of the alleged hitmen had said. He said that that they were worried that they were going to find the car parked in the compound and were mulling how to restrain the dog!

I think that Herman Grech will agree with me that there are so many versions on the same theme.

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