Philip Galea Farrugia is living in a state of “terror” because of me

Yesterday, my name was mentioned again in court by the Assistant Advocate General of the Republic of Malta. Philip Galea Farrugia’s attack on me comes after the group Repubblika the day before issued a press release which, in essence, was intended to say that I am attacking Philip Galea Farrugia in my articles. Thus, Repubblika told the government to protect Philip Galea Farrugia.

The Press Release published by Netnews does not refer to Philip Galea Farrugia by name. However, LovinMalta not only published Repubblika’s press release but also mentions by name Galea Farrugia proceeding to analyse the Press Release and quoting from my articles.  I must thank them for the attention that they are paying to this case and also for referring to my writings.  

On the other hand, Repubblika came out with a statement declaring it has full faith in the Advocate of the Republic. I wish to point out that there is more than one Advocate of the  Republic in the office of the Attorney General. I too have complete faith in the Attorney General of the Republic. I wish to remind Repubblika that the Attorney General of the Republic is Victoria Buttigieg. When Victoria Buttigieg was chosen for the post, I wrote to congratulate her. Repubblika seems to have forgotten that it was their lawyer, Jason Azzopardi, who lambasted Government for choosing Victoria Buttigieg. Have they also missed the point that while Jason Azzopardi has the right to attack Victoria Buttigieg, I do not have a right to question the work and antics of the Assistant Attorney General Philip Galea Farrugia? Is he above the law? Once again, this a clear case of two weights and two measures and no sign of equanimity whatsoever.  

Therefore, I ask: where is my attack on the the Attorney General of the Republic? If there is a person who attacked the Attorney General of the Republic, this was Jason Azzopardi. Unlike Daphne Caruana Galizia, whom this group is defending, I write civilly and I draw attention through analysis and highlight the contradictions and abuses running rampant on the island. More importantly, I substantiate my arguments, or what you choose to call conspiracy theories, with proof.  

What  Galea Farrugia seems to have forgotten – now that he has publicly mentioned my name in open Court during today’s session before Magistrate Montebello – is that having done this, I have the right to reply to his insinuations. If he feels that I am not stating the truth, he can always sue me for libel. The fact that he does not follow this course of action, is proof enough that what I am writing is nothing but the truth. Now, if Galea Farrugia feels threatened by someone who is writing about the truth and requests the court’s protection, this is entirely up to him. I have no problem with that.

What, however, I wish to draw Galea Farrugia attention to is that the journalist of Lovin Malta, Julian Bonnici, states that “Mercieca is facing contempt of court proceedings for suggesting a link exists between Galea Farrugia and Manuel Delia.” Once again, I ask our Assistant Attorney General, Philip Galea Farrugia how did this journalist get to know the motive for which I shall be prosecuted in court? I here remind you, Dr Galea Farrugia, that that neither your note nor the motive on which you want to charge me has been communicated to me personally. Yet, Manuel Delia knows them and now the details regarding your charges have been  published by Lovin Malta. Can you explain, please?   

From what I read, there was no such reference in the article that Manuel Delia published on the note that you, Dr Galea Farrugia presented to  Magistrate Rachel Montebello. I wish to remind Dr. Galea Farrugia that Manuel Delia had access to this information. Now even, Lovin Malta is being informed that I shall be facing contempt of court charges for suggesting a link between yourself and Manuel Delia. Therefore, can Dr. Galea Farrugia explain to me how Manuel Delia had access to your note verbal while I am still kept in the dark and have yet to set eyes on it? Also, from where did Julian Bonnici could this piece if not from you?   I have been told that Philip Galea Farrugia is putting pressure so that proceedings against me begin asap also on this point. Clearly Galea Farrugia wants to restrict my freedom of expression and gets upset when I write that we are living in a state of ‘legal’  terror-ism actions.

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